Zooba MOD APK 3.35.0 (Unlimited Money/Gems/Free Skills)

Challenge yourself as you join the PUBGBreak Series, the unique match-making procedure on Zooba MOD APK, with special mechanics that cater primarily to a suiting and safe experience for all four characters. Enjoy the novel character progression, the rewarding fight action, and the simple controls.

About Zooba MOD APK

App Name Zooba MOD APK
Publisher APK BUSTER
Size 167 MB
Latest Version 3.35.0
Root Required No
Installs 50,000,000+ downloads
Required 6.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Arcade
Developer Wildlife Studios
Update 1 day ago
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Explore the exciting and satisfying combats you engage in as you play the different creatures with distinctive looks and expressions. Pick a variety of available weapons to take down your enemies. And dispute with your friends and online players in exciting PvP challenges.

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In the game, gamers join a collection of curious animals to prepare for their great adventures and behave in spectacular wars with each other. Enjoy yourself playing with all kinds of diverse animals, such as a tiger, a giraffe, or even a panda. Admire showing off the distinctive battles held by every character as you assign him a lively cosplay stage. In addition, Zooba features many battlefields with various setups for you to play with as a hero in different portions of the animal kingdom. Go ahead and take on your favourite weapons, fight against other teams of massive gladiators, and more. Go on progressively intensified attacks and discover new game elements as you dedicate yourself to the other side of the fight.

Racing to the finish in various exciting multiplayer battles will allow you to compete alongside others as you strive to use different items and weapons to win your way. Be extra cautious of fires as they approach, and collect several rare items if the opportunity arises.

Zooba MOD APK Features

This write-up includes all the features of the game.

Enjoy the fun and addictive online PvP battles.

Players will take one another on in the game as you all strive to become the last one to survive—Play Battle Royal epics with your favourite zoo animals. Try against 19 other players and guards as you attempt to survive. Collect items and weapons to power up your characters. Explore different battlefields with numerous settings and have fun with your coworkers.

Simple, straightforward, and addictive gameplay

Play some fun and entertaining sports quests to design exciting outfits and acquire useful new accessories. Quickly learn that the controls in this game are simple and comfortable with straightforward, intuitive instructions from your lion friend. Please make use of the options of the readily available rules to pick and command your favourite beasts to prevail in an intense contest against their opponents using substitutes from the animal kingdom.

Enjoy the game with friends in team matchups.

And in addition, if you want to get even more involved, you can even team up and fight against others in the friendly game. Join your friends and also other people in contentious, PvP battles. Engage in thrilling challenges with other players as you explore how your team will be victorious. Join forces with your teammates as you defeat other groups to be victorious.

Thrive to be the king of the zoo

In this animal-festival event, challenge yourself to win against various challengers to become the zoo’s king. Take on players worldwide as you successfully take them down in never-ending league duels. Persevere through different challenges and missions given to you like a king. Win and put yourself forward, or put up with defeat and wait patiently with everyone else for the next turn.

Pick up multiple weapons with unique mechanics.

Gamers are additionally permitted to obtain several different weapons with distinct fighting mechanics. Taking down the opponents at close range with your highly effective spear and short guns or shooting targets from afar with your bows and guns will surely bring pleasure in the battle. You are always ready to switch weapons to get the best results while the fight progresses. Alternatively, you will find an infinite number of adventures in Zooba, as you can fight your opponents at your own pace. It’s up to you and your opponent if you proceed at an epic rate or if he takes his time and permits the battle to continue.

Choose your favourite characters with unique abilities.

You’ll be able to play close to 10 exciting animals, each with distinctive types of fighting and comic character when it comes to playing. You’ll be capable of hastening the chimpanzee, battle as the savage gorilla, acquire an elephant as a crocodile, or change your mind as the sloshiest panda. You can defeat your friends as the ferocious lion, uncivilized gorilla, but imposing gorilla, and arrogant as the annoyed panda.



Travel through several unique and fascinating areas as you use your characters to triumph through interactive and spectacular Listen to activities at Zooba. Pay attention to precisely what kinds of sounds are heard, and you also might be able to distinguish the distinctive renditions created by unique wildlife.


The intuitive and stylized graphics and the funny subject matter make this game fun and accessible. So, people of all ages can play it on a classic console, innovative console, or mobile terminal. You can also adjust the suppressed graphical standards to be compatible with your devices. Thus, you can significantly improve the quality of your game-play without disruptions due to lagging and halt.

Enjoy the game with removed skill cool-down

On the other hand, our team has developed quite a few distinguishing hacks that amp up the entertaining qualities. That way, you can easily access our modified version of the sports game and begin enjoying the exciting hacks, such as no cool down, unlimited sprint, and several more features. Bearing in mind how you can make in-game challenges less complicated, all you have to do in Fortnite is download the Zooba Mod APK from our website.

Free to play

A high-speed, action-packed spectacle similar to a Battle Royale is available for download on your Android and comes equipped with special quests that will slow things down and keep things fast-paced and exciting for you and your loved ones. Begin downloading Zooba immediately.

Attain the Battle Pass for more exciting gameplay

To get the most out of Battlefield V, players can obtain the Battlefield V Battle Pass and play the game as a V.I.P. You can play, join the epic challenges and gain access to the rewards and daily prizes.

Player Reviews

Player Reviews

Elina Phan:

Though this game is addictive, there a quite a lot of flaws. First, the players you go against are like 2 or 3 levels above you. Second, sometimes the screen will just freeze and I have to exit out and back in inorder to play. Third, it takes forever to get a new character and level up if you don’t spend money. Other ways, this game is fun to pass free time.

Jefferson Guox:

I love this game but the only problem is matchmaking i get matched up with a level 10 characters and I am level 2 and I Die to fast . There is another problem is that for some reason I can’t invite anyone of my friends to play with them so I have to play alone I can play Duo but I get teamed up with under leved person like me but then I see a team with a level 11 character and they target us and I lose a lot of trophys. Please fix this.

Final Thoughts

Your mobile devices are a great time to wind down with a simple and addictive game like Zooba. If you are still eager to continue playing similar games, perhaps Archero and Brawl Stars are a good fit.

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