World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK 1.9.101 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Do you want to contemplate the epic conflicts between gigantic World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK? Would you enjoy the fun and invulnerable skirmishes where you could protect your opponents without fear of getting damaged? Or utilize excellent fighting techniques with mind-blowing expertise and efficient power with your robots? Then you’d find this unbelievable fight among robots from Reliance Big Entertainment intriguing.

Pick the robots that are your favorite among your target audience of robots, each having a diverse fighting style and skill set. Train them up and put them through dynamic battles with the big beasts. Lay waste to your opponents with all of your highly damaging attacks brutally. There’s no interest whatsoever in obeying the other participants’ battles. This battle involves succeeding.

Learn more about this exciting game with our World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK review.


The game happens in a far-off future where humanity has arrived at a mind-blowing degree of mechanical progressions. Subsequently, as their day-to-day environments are improved, many are searching for a better approach to diversion.

Furthermore, as individuals have become exhausted of the regular bouts with decisions and guidelines that make the battles significantly less pleasant, they all request a more straightforward and fierce approach to fighting. In this manner, Robot Boxing was acquainted with the world as a traditional approach to engaging the crowds.

Here, individuals can, at long last, partake in epic and energizing matchups with robust robots. Investigate the severe and direct approaches to battling as you experience the awe-inspiring conflicts, metals versus metals. Go ahead and give it all that you must lose your adversaries in great robot boxing fights.

Players will wind up starting their Robot Boxing vocation in the game. Begin by developing your most memorable robots, and have them fight against the others in different competitions. Win against your rivals as you acquire more glory and notorieties.

Advance through the positions of Robot Boxing as you, at long last, wind up on the planet stages. Contend with the other top robots through a progression of epic boxing difficulties. Win the competitions as you are delegated champions with your robust robots.

World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK Features

This game offers features of stealth missions, enemy attacks, and hideouts.

Compete with friends and online gamers

Gamers in World Robot Boxing 2 are granted the ability to enjoy thrilling multiplayer games with renowned players from throughout the globe. Go ahead and host exciting battles with players, chat with your friends, and compete with various others.

Upgrade and customize your robots

Also, for those intrigued, the game ought to fulfill you with the different overhauls and customizations you can have on your robots. You’re permitted to outfit your robots with numerous valuable things and hardware to make them more able during the fights and change their looks. In addition, with many fascinating and ability moves to open on every one of your robots, gamers in World Robot Boxing 2 will get opportunities to develop their list with changed improvement ways.

Enjoy exciting events and challenges every once in a while

The captivating role-playing game also has many fun and different events and exciting challenges for your consumption during the adventure itself. Please choose your favorite characters and simulate some of the many events throughout the game, each with its unique storyline. Complete the various in-game challenges and earn multiple special rewards that can’t be found anyplace else.

Different game modes to enjoy

To enhance the game’s entertainment value, participants in World Robot Boxing will have access to many different game modes, each offering its gameplay options.

  • Story – most notably, gamers can have a good time in the marvelous story mode, where you’ll join a fledgling player with an essential crew of robots. Set out on your Robot Boxing difficulties as you experience your own remarkable stories in the game. Take on numerous rivals to progress through the in-game levels while procuring notoriety and notoriety as you move.
  • Versus – besides, you can constantly join the Versus Mode for those keen on scrutinizing your abilities and capacities. Wind up combating the absolute most astounding robot contenders in the whole domain in an endless series of fights.

Create your ultimate roster of boxing robots

Furthermore, discussing which, in World Robot Boxing, Android gamers will likewise get opportunities to partake in the fascinating ongoing interaction as they’re allowed to make their definitive crew of boxing robots. Get strategies and ways to deal with specific battles with your authoritative lists.

Coordinating the synergizing classes together to think of suitable group blends. Go ahead and alter your group before any matches and be the person who ends up as the winner with a superior group synthesis.

World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK

Different robots with unique classes and abilities

As you progress in the game, there should be many diverse robots for you to collect and play with. You may opt between various models, each featuring its very own strengths and abilities. Moreover, fighters also have their history, which boasts a variety of exciting powers and synergies. In addition, with each account being the opposite of or supportive aspect of the other class’ story, picking the class choice is a crucial move in the game.

Simple and intuitive controls to help you get started.

Most Android users will discover themselves equipped with all the great combats and fights in World Robot Boxing. Pick your favorite futuristic-looking fighters as you join all sides in exciting battles. Use the easy-to-use touchscreen and gestures to familiarize yourself with the game. Access to both touch buttons and the easy gestures will allow you to master the game comfortably.

Free to play

Regardless of its highlights, the game is free for players on their mobile devices. For those who can’t, however, the World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK file is available on our website. Alternatively, you could also head to the Play Store to download the game.


World Robot Boxing 2’s players will be almost entirely immersed in incredible audio experiences throughout the virtual world. The robust voiced materials will also make the in-game fights more relatable to spectators.


Embark on a fascinating and exhilarating game, allowing you to transform your fighter into the most renowned champ in the world in World Robot Boxing 2. Its realistic physics, fluid movements, and spectacular visual effects will keep you engrossed and immersed as you advance in leveling and strategy. Furthermore, the World Robot Boxing 2 game will adjust its graphics to fit almost any device you own so that you can regain control over your playtime.

Player Reviews

Player Reviews

Braden Nitsch:

I played the first World Robot Boxing. This was decent comparatively, but I dislike the joystick controller. I don’t see a way to change it to the classic 4 arrow buttons I’m used to. I think the game was good, but the beginning feels slightly force-fed (in my opinion), but that might just be due to me having played the original a few seconds before. Good game overall. I like how you kept the designs of the bots from the previous game and brought them over to this one.

Joel Varughese:

In some ways, this is a step up from WRB 1. The layout and menu is a little more complicated, but that is just personal preference. Its nice that they added commentary and I think it makes the game more engaging. I also like the new maps that they added. The only suggestion I have is to make it a little more challenging, in some fights, you can just do light attacks and you will win without even being touched.

Final Thoughts

Fans of robot fighting games, such as The Real Steel Boxing Champions or Real Steel World Robot Boxing, may have action-packed fun to enjoy on their handheld devices. With great gameplay, addictive combats, and more, it will not take long before you become addicted to this game.

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