42 Things To Build in Minecraft Survival

Since Minecraft’s introduction, users have discussed and displayed all of their survival creations on forums. It has been available for more than ten years. Players have used ingenuity and execution to create fun additions to their Minecraft universe during this period.

In Minecraft, you may construct many structures, from buildings to bridges. To personalize and enhance the beauty of your world, survival builders can add a decorative element.

In Minecraft Survival, you may construct many fun things that are rewarding when finished. In your Minecraft survival scenario, you may have an abundance of supplies that you want to use.

42 Fun Survival Minecraft Builds

This collection of 42 entertaining things to create in Minecraft will provide you with building inspiration for survival.

1. Themed Enchanting Room

minecraft build ideas

One of the simpler things to build in Minecraft survival are themed enchanting rooms. Most players will have a sparsely decorated, lifeless room set aside for their enchanting table.

Nothing gives a room more magic than amethyst blocks. They make a lovely addition to the area you have decorated in a theme. Another great decoration idea to support the magical theme of the room is to add lanterns for lighting.

Including an enchanting outdoor hut will keep your construction visible and provide constant access. A beautiful, themed, enchanting room can be created by combining wood fences, amethyst blocks, leaves, bookshelves, and lanterns.

To emphasize the sorcery theme in the room, you can also place an ender chest close to the entrance.

2. Horse Stable Build in Minecraft Survival

Things To Build in Minecraft Survival

In Minecraft, horses are a beautiful means of transportation. Horses are frequently tied to fences and left there. Your Minecraft survival world will become much more immersive if you include a horse stable.

Numerous fences, bins, and hay bales make up a well-planned horse barn. Adding wheat close to the stable will give it a more authentic feel if you want to go the extra mile. You should aim to construct a ten-horse stable because you can never have enough.

Your saddles and horse armor should be kept in a chest close to the entryway for safety and accessibility.

3. Witchy Apothecary

Things To Build in Minecraft Survival

Potions might be unsightly if dispersed across your home; they only need a brewing stand. One of the dull, easy things to create in Minecraft survival is a witchy apothecary.

To give your theme a witchy color scheme, crimson planks are perfect. Other nether blocks are excellent if your base is in the overworld because they will make it stand out from its surroundings. For the exterior, ether bricks also perform exceptionally.

Create the witchy depiction on the inside by combining cauldrons, brewing stands, potted plants, and veins.

If you have cats, it would be a great idea to put a few of them in your pharmacy, especially if they are black cats. Just make sure to leave them with a buddy.

4. Dedicated Nether Portal

cool things to build in minecraft

The sole emphasis of your initial nether gateway is its purpose. Most Minecraft settings place them distant from any houses since they are unsightly. Respecting a nether portal is important since it connects two dimensions.

Players have started building enormous, opulent dedicated underworld gateways ever since the upgrade that made it possible for nether gates to grow in size.

Your nether portal’s imposing aura will always be something to treasure.

A good way to start is by building a big portal and employing lots of stuff from the nether. Giving the impression that the nether is slowly seeping through the gateway is a common décor concept.

By putting down materials like lava, magma blocks, and netherrack, players simulate the nether seeping out of the portal.

5. Cool Minecraft Bridges Ideas

what to build in minecraft

Bridges are among the earliest buildings in the game. For “Minecraft Alpha bridges,” numerous search results are returned.

Water will frequently separate two pieces of land. Usually, a little swim or a short cobblestone bridge will do.

Building a bridge will be time-consuming, but it will be worthwhile if you want to be fancy.

Longer bridges merit greater attention since they enrich the details of your reality. Making a lot of little bridges is also quite beneficial.

6. Chicken Coop

what to build in minecraft survival

In Minecraft, the majority of chicken farms merely have fences. Your chicken farm will look nicer if you build a chicken coop.

For a chicken coop, there are numerous inspirations and ideas. A chicken coop with steps leading to a modest outside space is the most typical.

To maintain the appearance of an enclosure, the central coop is modest. The use of slabs and trapdoors is ideal for a coop for chickens. To collect eggs, you can also put hoppers in the coop.

Make sure to cover the hoppers with carpets so they may continue to function and remain hidden.

Wheat, hay bales, and tall grass would benefit the outdoor area. Your outdoor environment will be complete once you have added some water.

7. Lighthouse

what to build in minecraft survival

If your location is close to an ocean, building a lighthouse is the ideal project. You can always use it as a navigational aid by observing it from a distance to get home.

One of the enjoyable things to construct in Minecraft Survival is lighthouse. They also offer a great method to scan the surrounding area and plan future builds.

When planning a lighthouse, pick a location that is close to the water. When utilizing glowstone for the top, red and white blocks perform best. The ideal height of your lighthouse is not known with precision.

8. Hanging Mountain House

minecraft houses in survival

The biggest benefit of establishing a base on a mountain is having breathtaking views all the time. By making a small house hang from the edge of a mountain, you can take this idea a step further.

Construct a home off a mountainside. Create a support structure to link your roof to the mountain after that. You can use your imagination when creating your supporting structure.

Increase the amount of glass in your home for the best viewing angles!

9. Walls

minecraft houses in survival

You most likely have a large number of extra stone blocks from mining and are seeking for a use for them. One of the more practical Minecraft structures is a wall. Walls around your base will deter mobs and let you create a fortress against troublesome creepers and other hostile mobs.

When deciding on a design for your walls, castle walls are a fantastic option. You can build an imposing wall to encircle your base by combining stone bricks, staircases, and stone.

Create at least two castle entrances in advance so that you always have a quick exit.

10. Maze

stuff to build in minecraft

creating a survival maze You may construct a fun pastime for your pals using Minecraft on a multiplayer server. Planning a maze is quick and results in an enjoyable pastime for you and your pals.

Mazes are made quickly and cheaply using leaves. You can create more intricate maze patterns by planning them out beforehand on paper and then creating them in Minecraft.

As a fun little easter egg for your buddies, think about placing hidden signs at dead ends!

11. Fountain

stuff to build in minecraft

The heart of your base might be a clever site for a fountain. They are simple to construct because they only need water and stone bricks.

Your fountain must have a cascading flow in order to avoid looking flat or uninteresting. Make your fountain come to life by placing flowstone on the floor to enhance its beauty at night.

Your fountain will look nicer if you place a few lily pads on the ground level. Lily pads will also make it easier for you to pass by your fountain without taking extra time to round it.

12. Garden

cool minecraft builds

Nothing surrounds your fountain more effectively than a thoughtfully planned landscape. Make room for your garden by clearing a space with your fountain at its center.

Keep orderly and surround the fountain with lots of grass and leaves. Your garden will suffer if you do too much. Your garden will advance if additional flowers and lanterns are added.

Using tilled dirt to make a walkway will offer another level of detail that will make your garden stand out.

Additionally, you can include a bench as a place to sit by adding steps and trapdoors on the sides.

13. Storage Room

cool minecraft builds

Storage of your belongings is a requirement in any survival environment. The more materials you need to sort, the longer the game lasts. Your storage area needs to be organized so you can sort your chests.

If you add a storage room, your primary house will remain nearby for short trips. To keep the storage place hidden, building it in your basement can be a great idea.

Chests are stacked on top of one another in storage chambers, and item frames or placards indicate the contents.

Any chest’s components can be easily identified by using indicators or item frames. It will be simple to acquire goods with clear identification.

To add some intricacy to your storage area, using armor stands for your armor is a fantastic touch.

14. Library

awesome cool things to build in minecraft

If you enjoy reading, this will excite you right away. Libraries will need a huge number of bookcases, which demand a lot of materials.

The best method to fill a big area in your home or castle is with libraries.

Towering bookcases are a terrific place to start, but don’t forget to include a loft because it will give your library more depth. Your library won’t look flat after you add the loft. Use lanterns as a source of light everywhere but the center.

For the focal area, think of constructing a chandelier and including seating and tables.

Implement your enchanting room as a tiny room within your library for a fun merging project.

15. Farmhouse

awesome cool things to build in minecraft

In your Minecraft world, your farm has a significant impact. The importance of farming has increased since the hunger update in any surviving world.

A nearby farmhouse connected to your farms will give them more detail. A basic cottage farmhouse will do just fine; it is not necessary for the farmhouse to be fancy.

The extra wheat and seeds you have can be stored in a farmhouse that also serves as a kitchen. In the farmhouse, you can also cook various items like potatoes.

Farmhouses always have a cascading roof and make extensive use of wood with accents of stone.

16. Nether Hub

minecraft builds

A large portion of the nether is hazardous.

The direction your portal points matters and affects navigation and safety. A fantastic idea for a Minecraft project is to build a tiny nether center.

A nether hub aims to establish a secure location that enables nether travel in any direction. The first step is to clear the space around your portal and ensure that no ghasts can enter it.

Creating paths in the four directions of North, South, East, and West is the second step. A modest base of operations with chests, food in case of emergency, and other necessities can also be established.

17. Castle

minecraft builds

Players created castles when the initial version of Minecraft was released. Castles have seen significant modifications over time. They now appear more opulent and modern.

In Minecraft, constructing a sizable castle is the ultimate act of braggadocio.

The first building materials for castles were cobblestone, stone slabs, and glass. Since many more blocks have been added to the game, magnificent castles have been built using every single one of them.

Your castle will look even more impressive if walls surround it. Castles are ideal as a base for your other constructions to encircle.

To give the castle life, add your fountain, garden, maze, and farmhouse to the exterior. To make use of the large building, you can add an enchanted room, a library, and a storage room inside.

18. Cathedral

minecraft builds

In a survival universe, cathedrals make great places for players to interact. A cathedral’s construction is a challenging and drawn-out procedure.

Players could collaborate to plan and fund the construction of cathedrals as a community project. A well-built cathedral will bring a community together and showcase its construction skills.

There is no restriction on how grand your cathedral may be. Better is bigger.

Your cathedral can feature a variety of themes, such gothic or medieval. On the internet, there are innumerable instances of cathedrals.

The level of detail in your project is the most crucial factor. You need to add a ton of detail to every part of your cathedral because cathedrals are often on the larger side.

If you don’t add enough detail, your project could come out as lifeless or uninteresting.

19. Automatic Farms

easy things to build in minecraft survival

Any Minecraft environment designed for survival relies on automatic farms. In Minecraft, there are endless tasks that can be automated. You will be equipped with the materials needed to construct other things, like a castle, if you have a lot of autonomous farms.

A monster spawner can be turned into an XP farm, giving you access to XP for enchanting. You won’t ever need to farm again if you set up an automatic food farm with the aid of the locals.

It takes time to build an iron farm, but it is worthwhile since once it is finished, you will have unlimited iron.

When your farm is finished, make careful to adorn the area surrounding it because most farms don’t seem appealing. The importance of this last step cannot be overstated because it needs little work and yields excellent outcomes.

Closing off your farm will help a lot. For instance, you could make your iron farm into a tiny fort to beautify it.

20. Sky Base

easy things to build in minecraft survival

In Minecraft, establishing a sky base entails setting up your surroundings. You can design your region exactly the way you want by building in the sky.

Most bases will continue to be either above ground or underground. Sky bases are uncommon but enjoyable. Sky bases are now more conceivable than ever thanks to the addition of the elytra in Minecraft.

The drawbacks of a sky base include the lengthy construction and resource collection processes. It can be thrilling to see your base float while all of your pals reside on the surface, if you can get past this drawback.

It takes planning to construct the island for a sky base because a single layer of dirt will appear both enticing and monotonous. Selling the concept of a sky base requires designing the island with more detail.

A fantastic approach to demonstrate a floating island’s effect is constructing a cone-shaped island. Stone and grass are combined in the construction materials. Another workable solution is to create numerous little, connected sky islands.

Smaller, interconnected sky islands can conserve resources while still providing a stunning display.

Adding water streams to your island is another way to decorate it in sky bases. Until you have an elytra, you can return to your base quickly and easily by using these streams.

21. Volcano

easy things to build in minecraft survival

A volcano is one of the most imaginative structures you may construct in Minecraft survival. They are a lot of fun to construct and are excellent at adding intricacy to any scenery.

You will have a spectacular view if a volcano is situated nearby your base. Additionally, you can alter the situation by converting an entire island into a volcano island.

This is fantastic if your base is already located on a smaller island.

Volcanoes are simple to construct since they don’t require much symmetry or order. You may make a volcano quickly and easily using a number of stone pieces.

You can choose how much lava you want to add. While larger volcanoes need a lot of lava to look fantastic, smaller volcanoes only need a little.

22. Pagoda

things to build in minecraft when your bored

Popular building designs like pagodas function quite well in Minecraft. Building one can make a fantastic second home concept considering how many resources pagodas take.

A pagoda requires a minimum of four levels to be constructed. When constructing a pagoda, wood is the material of choice.

Pagodas come in many different designs, but the Japanese form is the most common. The sight of a Japanese pagoda in Minecraft is impressive. Building one is a terrific idea if you want to give your survival world more depth.

23. Artificial Trees

building ideas minecraft

The trees in Minecraft are bland and tiny. The space around your base can be beautifully decorated by making artificial trees. While it would be impossible to replace all the trees in your area with artificial ones, picking a few is a great idea.

Your first step is to decide on a few strategic locations where a gigantic tree would look fantastic. Depending on your foundation’s size, you can install a different quantity of trees. A few bespoke trees will be helpful for smaller bases, while many will be needed for massive bases.

Your artificial trees shouldn’t be too big, as they shouldn’t dominate the surrounding space. The objective is to make your base look nicer by assisting them in enhancing your landscape.

24. Japanese Cherry Tree

building ideas minecraft

A Japanese cherry tree is an attractive option if you’re seeking for adorable things to build in Minecraft survival. One is a terrific addition that will bring much-needed color to your surviving environment.

Japanese cherry trees are simple to construct and simply need pink concrete, pink wool, and wood. Your tree won’t seem boring if you use two different kinds of pink blocks.

Your structure will shine at night and look nice at any time by adding dangling lanterns. A wonderful option is to place a few pink carpets beneath your tree to simulate fallen leaves.

25. Ponds

building ideas minecraft

Small ponds are a fantastic way to give your area more variation. Ponds can be attractive and give the environment around your base a lot of variety.

Smaller ponds are ideal and can complement other constructions, like your Japanese cherry tree.

The best way to decorate ponds is to cover them with a layer of stone, mossy cobblestone, and cobblestone. Utilizing a combination of the three creates the appearance of an older pond. Using only one kind of stone results in a lifeless appearance.

The water must include Lily pads to break it up and provide detail. To add light and liveliness to the area around the pond, think about placing a few lanterns there.

Adding movement to the bottom of your pond by applying bone meal inside. Pond depth shouldn’t exceed two blocks.

If you want to take it a step further, consider putting some fish in your pond.

26. Mountainside House

building ideas minecraft

It would be so much fun to live on a mountain! In Minecraft, building a mountain house is simple.

The only drawback to a mountain home is the significant amount of digging required to create the interior spaces. In order to portray a luxurious mountainside home, your entry must be decorated.

To accomplish this, a lot of glass and window frames are a great choice. Another suggestion for adding detail is to use stairs to lead into your base.

27. Underground House

things to build in minecraft

In Minecraft, underground dwellings are a fun variation on the standard house. It only entails constructing a typical underground home with a glass ceiling.

To keep it from looking weird from above, cover the glass with slabs of stone or wood.

Decorate your home as usual, but make the ceiling out of glass.

Alternatively, your underground home can only have one or two rooms with glass ceilings. The idea is to have a visually appealing perspective of your incredible home from above.

28. Roller Coaster

things to build in minecraft

In both real life and in Minecraft, roller coasters are a ton of fun. Since there is no predetermined design, you can be completely creative in your planning.

You can use a few techniques, such as placing underground parts next to lava and elevating the ride, to make your roller coaster more entertaining.

Creating an iron farm initially is essential since roller coasters require a lot of iron so that you do not run out of iron during building.

29. Road with Streetlights

things to build in minecraft

A clever method to connect your environment is constructing a road between all your points of interest. For your roadways to look even more attractive, make sure to install lamps.

There are many different road layouts, with dirt walks and stone being the most common.

A stone route fits a modern design, whereas dirt tracks look wonderful in bases with many of buildings with a medieval theme.

Regarding the lighting, practically every design works well when using fences and lanterns. For improved lighting, you can also utilize glowstone or sea lanterns.

30. Spleef Tournament Stadium

One of the first Minecraft minigames is spleef. Players would compete on a layer of snow while using an iron shovel to try to knock others to the ground.

Constructing a little stadium for a Spleef competition is a great idea.

A Spleef stadium is simple to design. You can pick a square shape and place seating around it. The fighting area needs to be surrounded by lava, and snow should be placed on top.

31. Parkour Course

things to add to your minecraft world

Why not make your own parkour classes when they are so widely available online? They may be a lot of fun for you and your pals or even yourself.

A big ocean can be your starting point for a straightforward parkour course. You can start now that the space below has been wiped away.

Including long jumps, ladders, and slime blocks in your parkour course is a great way to make it more exciting.

32. Underwater Base

things to add to your minecraft world

You can set up a base anywhere, even underwater, with Minecraft. After the aquatic update, the oceans have a lovely appearance.

Building a house underwater is a unique twist from what you are used to.

The most prevalent design element in underwater homes is a wall of glass that reveals the ocean below.

33. Ship

bored things to build in minecraft

Having an underwater base and living close to the ocean is great.

Oceans can be boring and lack detail, which is one drawback. This can be quickly fixed by including a ship. Ships are a great building option in Minecraft because they look stunning.

Wool is used to constructing the sails, and only wood is needed for the body.

If you’re feeling creative, you could also build a ship house and use it as a fun house on the water.

34. Medieval Town

fun things to build in minecraft

A medieval town takes a lot of work to build, but with a few pals, it may be simple.

Your pals can all construct homes close to one another in a medieval town. A wall may enclose the entire terrain, including any roads and gardens.

Towns are a great endeavor for fostering community, and the outcome is always inspiring.

You can incorporate additional structures into your towns, such as a fountain or a witches’ apothecary.

35. Mushroom House

fun things to build in minecraft

A mushroom house can be a fun little project if you’re looking for inventive things to build in Minecraft survival.

Red mushrooms are the most colorful and complement other building materials the best. An adorable little cottage house can look stunning when decorated with birchwood and red mushrooms.

36. Graveyard

How to build a graveyard in minecraft

In Minecraft, you may construct many different things, and building a graveyard for your town can be entertaining.

Graveyards look wonderful with cobblestones and iron fences among soil and grass.

A graveyard can be a wonderful, eerie place and add to the immersion of your town.

37. Shopping District

One of the many fantastic Minecraft project ideas is a shopping district. Establishing an economy among your friends can be accomplished by clearing out a space and converting it into a shopping district.

Using streets and streetlights, a lovely shopping area can be built.

Give each player a number of equal-sized plots for their shops.

38. Themed Shops

How to build a graveyard in minecraft

Building a themed shop in Minecraft survival is simple.

Shops are a great place to start a bartering system with your friends. To keep your stores from looking too similar, you must theme them.

You might think about constructing a witchy apothecary if you sell potions.

39. Airship

How to build a graveyard in minecraft

Building an airship in Minecraft is enjoyable. They can serve as bases and give detail to your skies.

Wool and wood are typically used to build airships. Building them is only challenging because of their tall height. Once finished, the sky will be a stunning sight.

Additionally, you can design themed airships, like the Final Fantasy airship.

40. Windmill

minecraft houses in survival

Making windmills in Minecraft is a nice idea because they go well with a wheat farm. Tons of wheat piled up around a windmill makes for an easy method to spruce up a big landscape.

A windmill is simple to construct and a lot of fun. You need wood and wool, thus, the material demand is minimal.

A vast area can be ornamented with wheat thanks to more tiny windmills, which operate excellently.

41. Tree House

stuff to build in minecraft

A tree house is one of the most common types of builds in Minecraft. It’s a lot of fun to custom-build a big tree and put a house on top of it.

The dangling effect of the vines plays a significant role in the design of tree houses. Use sparingly; too much can detract from the desired effect.

Additionally, you can create a jungle of tree houses by connecting several of them together with a bridge. Every time you look up, there will be a breathtaking sight thanks to the larger trees and numerous tree houses.

42. Statues

cool minecraft builds

When deciding what to construct in Minecraft Survival, a statue is always a good choice.

In Minecraft, the possibilities for statues are endless; anything you can imagine is possible.

Making a statue of your Minecraft skin is a straightforward idea that is simple to construct.

Additionally, you can make miniature statues or statues of flying dragons or knights.

Mini statues can be made quickly and with few materials. Any Minecraft world they are in gains a ton of detail.


Every player has thought about “what should I create in Minecraft” at least once. There are many survival worlds, but if you have nothing to focus on, they can get monotonous.

In a Minecraft survival world, you can construct a wide variety of structures. There are several builds that are enjoyable to construct with friends when playing.

Floating sky bases, underground homes with glass ceilings, and underwater bases surrounded by all the hues of the ocean are just a few examples of the cool houses you can construct in Minecraft.

There are various complementary constructions, including a windmill surrounded by wheat, dragon statues, or even fake trees beside ponds.

Build a medieval town with a cathedral if you’re looking for a building project to do with your friends.

In Minecraft, there are countless possible structures to construct, and each one is enjoyable.

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