Tales Rush MOD APK 1.5.9 (Unlimited Money/Energy)

Lastly, habit-forming activity interactivity with charming stories could keep you snared to the game for a long time. Then you could find no preferable decision over Stories Tales Rush MOD APK as the great bile game proposals top to bottom and fascinating encounters that you would positively view as intriguing.

Searching for an activity-loaded versatile title with very straightforward and open interactivity for you to appreciate at whatever point you’re prepared? Hoping to have a good time as you plunge into vast battles with a wide range of foes, in which you can make utilization of your chivalrous capacities to overcome them with styles?

Pick your legends and set out on their definitive excursion to overcome the beasts and shield the world from its undeniable end. Take on a progression of energizing in-game experiences and difficulties while playing with your legends’ creative and pleasant in-game activities. Conclude how the stories end with your abilities, capacities, conclusions, and a little karma during the fights.

Figure out additional about this awesome portable game from Preparing Horde with our audits.


In the game, Android gamers will wind up investigating and encountering their ongoing energizing interaction, where you’ll set out on your outstanding experience to save the world from the hands of malice. With the beasts unexpectedly meandering the terrains wildly and nobody can keep the haziness from arising on the grounds, it seems individuals have lost their expectations. Hence, mayhem and confusion rule the landscapes, with humankind pulling back from their urban areas and palaces. The end is inescapable.

In any case, some people might battle for their objective and need to carry back harmony to the grounds with their powers. What’s more, they’re our two legends in Stories Rush. Join the Sword young lady Alice and the Ninja-man Alibaba as they take on their definitive missions to overcome the intelligent adversaries. Appreciate epic activities as you get vast difficulties through the level-based assignments and overcome many journeys before you can confront an authoritative manager.

Mess around with the available and agreeable activity interactivity with natural touch controls and top-to-bottom in-game mechanics. Make utilization of specific customizations on your characters and their abilities to interest to overcome the foes. Get exceptional weapons and open fantastic abilities to appreciate more interesting activity interactivity.

Tales Rush MOD APK Features

Adventure upon danger and excitement are some of the many notable features of this game.

Engage in the captivating in-game storyline

If you are an Android player in Tales Rush, you will enjoy the fascinating storyline and what it seeks to accomplish. Cause the battle against monumental enemies and explore various regions as you engage in many exciting activities. And most important of all, the game will follow an engaging plot, during which you can earn much higher scores for your accomplishments.

Interesting power-ups to make use of

Another good way to speed up your character’s power is to use the exciting powerups and boosters in the game. Attempt to exploit these unique items and effectively turn the tide of the battles even when only a few seconds’ worths of powerup remains in a game. Use it well and wisely so it is possible to defeat the stronger enemies, even if they gain additional power.

Powerful items and upgrades for your characters

Tales Rush”’s characters can become more capable of prevailing in their most troublesome battles through varied items that are offered to be picked up and put on. Alternatively, helpful upgrades will improve your possibility of defeating your competitors in Tales Rush. So make sure you have sufficient capital to upgrade your characters.

Challenge intimidating bosses in epic fights

In every Tale Rush story, it will be possible for Android users to beat all sorts of terrible foes, despite the intimidating bosses they will face. Thus, in this game, they’ll be able to create genuinely epic battles through our behemoths’ unstoppable large enemies and delicious powers. Overcoming these staggering, giant, and hostile neighbors will take enduring knowledge and considerable skills.

Take on a variety of different stages and levels.

Above all, the Tales scene enhances the exciting actions that are leveled-based and takes you to various locations to explore. Engage in exciting and challenging battles with different enemies and missions on varying maps. At the same time, the more complex the level is, the more rewarding it will be. Get outside and expand your knowledge in various Tales locations.

Excellent skills and abilities to make use of

Everything you use in the game should follow your characters in mind and their distinct sets of skills and abilities. Based on your rivals and the in-game conditions, you want to be able to effectively alter between these diverse possible resources and keep enjoying the sport to its fullest potential.

Tales Rush MOD APK

Recruit new heroes to assist you in your fights

As you proceed on your journeys, gamers can also meet and interact with many interesting new heroes that you can recruit and have them fighting in your team. Feel free to use their skills as you help them climb at different levels through different game challenges. Have fun trying out other fighting techniques as you overcome certain kinds of adversaries with your team.

Start the game with different characters.

Also, to make your process seriously fascinating, Android gamers will get opportunities to partake in the game with two unique in-game characters. Pick Alice the blade, young lady, if you’re keen on the skirmish battling activities and need to fight in the central part of battles.

Or, on the other hand, go for Alibaba, the Ninja-man, assuming that you’re more inspired by the moderate battling style, which permits you to take out foes from safe distances. The two characters will enable Android gamers to appreciate energizing and pleasant in-game encounters that you see as fascinating.

Simple and intuitive touch controls

In the first place, Android gamers in Stories Rush can end up snared to the basic yet very habit-forming interactivity of activities with the accessible in-game controls. That is said, you can make utilization of the natural touch controls to direct your characters to the ideal bearings. Tap on your foes to release your assaults or make different motions to empower your capacities. The drifting simple and freed controls will permit Android gamers to partake in their total in-game encounters with Stories Rush.

Free to play

If interested, you could easily play mobile anytime at no additional cost. The game is available for download on Google Play and is accessible to Android gamers.

Enjoy unlocked gameplay with our mod.

However, if you prefer the whole in-game experience, you may wish to have the modified version of the game installed on your devices instead. Our mod offers unlocked gameplay, complete in-game purchases, no ads, and many interesting in-game features. For this reason, allowing Tales Rush gamers to enjoy their adventures unfettered is our intention. All you need to do is install the Tales Rush Mod APK file from our site, follow the few instructions, and you’ll be good to go.


Supervisor Energetic and immersive music will enable you to enter into a battle in a split second, thus offering the moment you’ll need to battle it out with your adversaries. Other relaxing and relaxing music will help you understand the captivating tales in Tales Rush.


Discover a breathtaking world in Tales Rush while you spend some time playing with a wholly new set of beautiful, realistic, and moving graphical elements. With responsive and vivid visuals, every moment during the game shall be tons of fun and enjoyable. You’ll likely enjoy yourself and your gaming efforts here in Tales Rush with a new tidbit of incredible graphics.

Player Reviews

Player Reviews

J P:

It’s pretty fun, but every now and then I’ve noticed some bugs that interfere with enjoying the experience. My movement on the touchscreen isn’t always exact to the character, leading to a few times of having to lift a finger to readjust position or moving the character in the wrong direction. Also, occasionally sections of text will randomly change into what I believe is Chinese; as I cannot read it, I’m only guessing at the language. Overall, this is a very enjoyable game.

A Google user:

It’s Archero but with swords. Only thing I’d change is the ways enemies deal damage. Please remove the enemy bidy hit boxes. I don’t like having to go in close, accidentally touching them, and getting hurt. Ruins the enjoyment of swords for me. Now if they attacked and hit me, that’s one thing. But touching them, eek. I think the games amazing, though.

Final Thoughts

For those of you who’re keen on the thrilling, level-put-together activity interactivity concerning your cell phones, for example, Fight Stars, Archero, and the preferences, Stories Rush will be the half-breed experience that you love. That is said, the game elements different battle styles with its gigantic person assortments. Simultaneously, the planned levels will permit gamers to partake in their in-game encounters without limit.

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