Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD APK 1.23.1 (Menu/Easy Game)

After this, the overall mechanics should allow all players to rapidly reach the game’s start. But the dynamic gameplay and scaling challenges will reassure you that you won t ever find the game boring. By incorporating the best attributes of the well-known Among Us and offering many new elements and upgrades to enhance your gameplay, Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD APK will pique your interest successfully.

About Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD APK

App Name Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD APK
Publisher APK BUSTER
Size 132M
Latest Version 1.23.1
Root Required No
Installs 10,000,000+ downloads
Required 4.4 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Developer Wildlife Studios
Update 1 day ago
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Were you frustrated by video games that demand too much talent but are also mentally demanding? Of course, you are looking for a fun alternative that inherits all the exciting programming and addictive gameplay from the original, which is why you’re pursuing One True Among Us. Would you like to play simple, mobile-friendly handheld games to beat your friends and people worldwide? You don’t like playing games that are too difficult to play but may be more mentally challenging. Then you’ll want to check out this excellent option.

Watch this addictive video game from Wildlife Studios to learn all its exciting functionalities.


In the Suspects Suspects Mystery Mansion, Android gamers will be playing as one of the guests invited to a mansion to solve the murder mentioned earlier mystery. But unbeknownst to you, there are assassins within the crew who will attempt to sabotage the investigations and possibly even kill group members. It is the responsibility of all master detectives to determine the assassins’ identities.

Or on the other hand, if you’re playing as the executioners, you should subtly play out your filthy undertakings without getting identified. Be shrewd to out-move the rivals and be the stragglers in this secret chateau game. The game backs up to 10 genuine players in every matchup, a couple of which are the executioners, contingent upon your earlier settings. The agents should deal with their assignments and keep undermines from occurring.

Hence, the assailants’ chances of success in their attempts are inherently lower. Report any corpses and attend the meeting with the objective of the critical pieces of evidence needed to identify the killers. Stay alive until the killer can get to you or your friends. If you’re playing as one of the killers, your tasks should be the opposite. Sabotage the mansion to prevent the representatives from revealing pieces of evidence. Kill the guests when you have the opportunity without getting caught. Make use of trap doors to sneak about in the mansions. And stirred up quarrels and misunderstandings between the groups, so they won.

By using accessible gameplay and several thrilling mechanics, Suspects  Gameplay provides excellent brand-new gameplay to players of Android video games. It allows them to enjoy a new model of recreation. In addition, the numerous maps, customisation choices, and intriguing functions will make this recreation one that’s especially incredible for mobile gamers.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD APK Features

Here are just some of the things that the gameplay has to offer.

Enjoy playing with friends and online gamers.

T.oday, if you’re interested, you can play Suspects Mystery Mansion with friends and online gamers worldwide. You are free to create your restricted loft to let your family and friends with the passcodes have access. Or you can take advantage of the leaderboard and check who’s been playing lately for PvP matches you can join.

Support voice chat for better communications

The developers of Suspects Mystery Mansion have made a unique reservation that some gamers will have the possibility to take part in the game with voice chats in their preferred language, which is going to enhance their gameplay experience substantially. With voice chats, you will never again find yourself mindlessly typing on the talk box to verify your choices. The voice chat makes the game so much more intriguing.

Interesting interactions and mechanics to enjoy the actions.

T.he video game features cool updates that make it so that you rarely get tired of your Android-playing challenges. Researchers have created new mini-games that can aid you in uncovering previously unknown secrets. And you could use such interactions when playing as the villain. The sheer variety of features makes the game an exciting experience on Android, and the best part is that it is both a killer and a guest.

Cool maps with unique settings and objectives

The Suspects Mystery Mansion game offers many different maps for players to make their experience more exciting. Now, you will have fun discovering many additional geographical features in the game aisle with its settings and mechanics. Study new mechanics from each chapter of the game and get familiar with both sides involved in your challenges.

Intuitive gameplay and controls

With Suspects Mystery Mansion, you will have no trouble learning about intuitive gameplay and its simple control interface. Just begin the sport and start playing it separately as both the suspected murderer and your host. An intuitive tutorial and low-stress controls will ensure you will not have any issues playing Mystery Mansion on the run. Plus, the simple control functions with easy movement and grab will make every little thing feel natural and easy.

Customize your matches with personal preferences

Grinding away in matches against numerous players or a variety of developers will always be a great pastime. In the various unique settings throughout the strategy matches, you can generate matches in a fashion that’s informative or compelling to you.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD APK

Compete in the epic leaderboards

To further encourage competitiveness, Suspects Mystery Mansion players who participate in the ranked game will no longer be able to play anonymously and compete for their standings in local and national rankings. You can earn bragging rights by playing in a local league-ranked Tornadoes dungeon. And try to compete with the top-tested Trying Divergent players as you try to climb the global ranks.

Feel free to customize your characters

And for those of you who wish to customize the in-game graphics and animations, you are free to play as cool characters in Suspects Mystery Mansion. Here, the game offers numerous unlockable characters with distinctive looks and absurd interactions within the body. Use them to stand out from the surrounding crowds and killers during your online matchups. Don’t also forget to make use of cowardice during the match.

Never lose your in-game progress.

Mobile players in Suspects  Mystery House can now connect the game with Facebook and Google Play Services accounts to unlock new features. To get started, all in-game and purchase recordings will happen online, so you can quickly restore them when you accidentally delete the game or move to a new device. And you can also discover your social network friends who are also playing the game, making it more entertaining.

Available in many languages

In Suspects Mystery Mansion, there are multiple language options so players can more easily digest the game. Here, you may choose English, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and so on, among many others. The game also has a chat function so mobile players can communicate on a game server.

Free to play

For those who want to download this decisive mobile video game, you can now obtain it free at the Google Play store. This game offers you many free trials to try out, and all its accessible functions are just as easy to use. However, remember that some ads and in-game purchases may be included.

Have access to the unlocked game with our mod

Consequently, if you wish to get the full version of the Suspects  Mystery Mansion without paying for them and aren’t interested in purchasing our game’s official version, you can now download the mod from our website and install it on your smartphone. Download the Suspects  Mystery Mansion Mod APK file, then follow the instructions to install the game properly.

Sound & Music

With exciting graphics, Suspects: Mystery Mansion mobile gamers can now have fun with excellent music and sounds during their gameplay. With signature soundtracks on each map and responsive sound effects, the game will allow mobile gamers to enjoy thrilling and exciting moments as both the killers and guests.


With a relaxed cartoony visual style, entertaining art designs and hilarious animation, Suspects Mystery Mansion will at once captivate your attention. Find yourself drawn into the fun-filled gameplay of puzzle-solving and action while appreciating the exciting visual effects and elegant graphics. Plus, the customized video stream allows for smooth viewing no matter what your screen’s resolution is.

Player Reviews

Player Reviews

Ivy Hammer:

This is my favorite game and I’ve been playing for a year now, I love all the characters and how the gold pass you can earn instead of just buying it. The ads for me are not to bad it’s just when I’m joining a match it gives me 3. The game modes are my favorite since in some you can chat while not in the meeting and the different things you can do as killer(as in poisoner) or getting to be team wars. I also like the friend system. This game has brought me so much joy, thank you for making this.

Jayce Daniel:

Well, I really like the game, the mic is a very good feature, it is funny too, sometimes. But uh, the lag is a problem. It has gotten better overtime, but it is still there, i’d say I like it more than among us because of the fact that it has a mic, gamemodes, cool avatars, nice design, and interesting tasks. Anyways, I hope this review was helpful. Thanks ~Jayce daniel.

Final Thoughts

Dimex Murder Mystery is an upgrade of your favourite multiplayer online title, Between Us. It provides inviting gameplay encounters, exciting PvP game modes, refreshing mechanics, beautiful designs, thrilling maps, exciting customizations, and many stimulating atmospheres, so it’s well worth your while.

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