Striker Zone MOD APK (High Aim, Unlocked VIP)

FPS games will now have a phenomenal Android app for enjoying exciting multiplayer PvP gun battles with the most addictive FPS players in the world in Striker Zone. Play breakout shooter strategies with fantastic 3D shooter mechanics, impressive in-game physics, impressive in-game levels, cool guns, and engaging FPS shooter gameplay whenever you’re in Striker Zone MOD APK.

About Striker Zone MOD APK

App Name Striker Zone MOD APK
Publisher APK BUSTER
Size 285M
Latest Version
Root Required No
Installs 5,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Developer XDEVS LTD
Update 1 day ago
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Play the addictive online game with numerous exciting game modes satisfying various preferences. Have fun playing the videogame with family or with friends. Explore the extensive range of weapons with excellent mechanics and realistic physics. Have fun playing the online PVP game on your portable devices.

Learn all about the unique features of this fun and addicting game through our extensive reviews.


It s up to you to determine which player to group with the largest to survive the dangers that arise in the fight. Become a member of a playing place where other players test and execute original first-person shooter games. Play on your individual and battle the undead in epic FPS about them. Perform with your friends in competitions where you can practice your team fighting and improving fellowship as you get better at beating the other team. Advance in rank to receive new armament and better armour to prepare for your next test matches, which you must anticipate.

Have fun modifying various heroes with unique and exciting gameplay as you try out different game modes and ranked competitions. Face an adversary in the regional championship and test your skills against one another in ranked competitions. Decorate your hero with additional stickers, show off the character, and get in conversation with other players during combats and in the housing menu. Make friends and play enjoyable shooting video games.

Striker Zone MOD APK Features

There are numerous extraordinary features to enjoy in the game.

Various battle zones with unique settings

With the train, Aztec temple, and secret city available in the game as battle zones, Striker Zone players will have numerous brand-new and fun battle zones, which will permit them to have fun. Select various maps to go on a moving train, the temple hidden in the jungle, the abandoned town, and much more. The multiple maps with distinct settings can accommodate Android gamers.

Have fun customizing and camouflaging your squad

Striker Zone players can now wear distinctive camp, tactical, and camouflage accessories designed especially for their squad. When you encounter other players in Striker Zone matches, you can achieve new feats and defeat your rivals independently when you choose to wear carefully selected outfits.

Excellent weapons and equipment to work with

If your character meets the specifications needed for Striker Zone, you’ll discover lots of weapons that can be unlocked and put to great use in the game, including Critical Ops and Modern Ops. You can download your weapon and take advantage of these various features to increase your odds of winning. If your character meets the specifications needed for Striker Zone, you’ll discover lots of weapons that can be unlocked and put to great use in the game, including Critical Ops and Modern Ops. You can download your weapon and take advantage of these various features to increase your odds of winning.

Participate in the competitive world tournaments

Additionally, the game features competitive tournaments in which players from all across the world can participate. Participate in exciting challenges against the many opponents of the game, using upgraded commanders as excellent resources to escalate the revolution of each battle and make more magical weapons.

Different game modes to enjoy

With many great modes available for Striker Zone players, you can choose how you like to play FPS games. Start with your solo fight, as in each deathmatch you set_ up, various teams of adversaries to oppose will undoubtedly come at you. Attempt for the most excellent rank, and remain in the lead of other challengers on the leaderboards as long as possible.

You can also have great fun playing shout battles with your friends on the online tactical shooter game with all your firepower and strategic skills. Join an internet clan or create a new organization where you can meet friends and form your optimal groups to take on epic clan fights.

Intuitive and undemanding touch controls

At the same time, the game features easy-to-use touch controls that enable a quick understanding of gameplay. Play a fun arcade-style first-person shooter that never ceases to be accessible, even for people who are new to the genre. Utilize the pushbuttons to control the characters and fulfil their demands efficiently.

Dynamic battles with realistic experiences

With its Striker Zone mode, Android gamers can access the high-energy FPS shooter gameplay, thanks to a wide range of realistic in-game mechanics, impressive physics, marvellous graphics, and individual actions. Get engaged throughout challenging battles against enemies. Past serious challenges await players from all parts of the world in fighting, improving your experience of the problematic wars as soon as you fight with formidable adversaries with wide-spanning powers.

Advance your ranks to unlock more features in the game

You can make your hero advance through the game by winning a fight and reaching new areas and notable fighters. Let him take part in more challenging battles with his new weapons and upgrades. Investigator gamers will find greater freedom in the rankings they enter into. Unlock further improvements and modifiers that will improve your efficiency in the rankings and more.

Striker Zone MOD APK

Many daily missions and free bonuses

To make Striker Zone more enjoyable and rewarding, daily bonus missions are present alongside the main game modes. In the case of daily assignments, you will also get special rewards as long as you’re playing. In addition, players will get free bonus rewards every day.

Freely communicate with your comrades.

Striker Zone gamers will have the ability to communicate easily with interior and exterior advisors through the use of simple and transparent chat features. The array of choices available to participants and their chat partners ensures everyone has plenty of opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions with their teammates and opponents.

Free to play

Mobile gamers will still have a free FPS video game on Google Play if they deem the title exciting enough. Install the game, or just download it, and they bring forth all sorts of exciting features. But the game developers, who wish to remove advertisements or unlock various purchases, will have to pay a premium price point.

Enjoy the modded version of the game on our website.

As a result, for those of you who were interested in the complete gameplay of Striker Zone but didn’t want to pay the premium costs, you can now acquire the modded version of the game on our website instead. Here, we offer the complete game for free with in-game money and edited-out ads, so you can enjoy its infinite features without being interrupted. All you need to do is download the mod.

Sound & Music

Thanks to the terrific audio effects and music, Striker Zone gives players with Android the opportunity to engage entirely with the action game by firing dynamic explosions and quickly displaying devastating results. Enjoy perfectly functioning impacts of fire, particularly immersive sound effects of the battlefields, to create a bond with the game.


With their remarkable three-dimensional graphics, Striker Zone presents its dramatic in-game simulations, cool animations, impressive detonations, and all sorts of other eye-pleasing visual effects for Android users. This allows participants to immerse themselves in the addictive PvP PvP shooter for hours.

Player Reviews

Player Reviews

Tyler Davis:

Super simple FPS. Code Of War with more elaborate levels and better graphics. I like it but there are some reasons I hardly play it. Most of the guns are only rentable. I wish all guns could be both rented or perminantly purchased. Often spawns you right in front of enemies and often facing the wrong direction. Walk speed is too fast while in scope view. Buttons can’t be moved much or resized. Lots of video adds.

Barbara Seay:

I thought I would give Striker Zone a shot at , was looking for another shooting game to replace ShadowGun Legends, I found that after playing that game was becoming stressful from other players that could send you rude messages when Team up with other players and that Madfinger would allowed the word Loser in there choice of word list. So I had Striker Zone installed from Microsoft Store on to my Windows 10 .So far am loving game, the graphics are pretty good, like how you can sneak around and hide behind things and go thru empty structures and run up stairs while and shooting at other players .I like how the areas are so free open to run around while other players are running around too , it makes it more fun and stress free –Thanks– .

Final Thoughts

With the game’s intuitive menu-style design and class-based duel gameplay of PvP, Striker Zone gamers can now have an excellent sport for using their mobile first-person shooter fun. Go with unblocked games and play on your Android device whenever you choose.

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