Real Commando Secret Mission MOD APK 7.2 (God Mode)

The great FPS shooting action is waiting for you in Real Commando Secret Mission MOD APK, one of the exciting action video games available on your mobile device! Real Commando Secret Mission is released by GAMEXIS and is one of the most fantastic shooting-firing squad games. The game features splendid 3D graphics and a gripping storyline.

About Real Commando Secret Mission MOD APK

App Name Real Commando Secret Mission MOD APK
Publisher APK BUSTER
Size 42M
Latest Version 7.2
Root Required No
Installs 100,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Developer Hazel Mobile Games
Update 1 day ago
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The game promises a healthy and exciting experience when it comes to action. The game supplies a great action adventure and gets you at a level of a fun shoot. Real Commando Secret Mission allows you to play as a secret commando and carry out challenging missions to destroy the enemy. You are an outstanding commander and must commit to your country by causing enemies.

Players need to understand how to be terrific and ace soldiers to succeed in challenging sniper challenges captured by the game. Many tactical missions are incorporated into the game, and you must hone your shot weapon ability to survive.

Real Commando Secret Mission MOD APK Features

Ready to join the fierce battlefield

With Real Commando, you have the chance to take on the role of a superior special forces soldier. Along with helping out your team, you will have a great time executing missions in a dark environment and destroying your enemies. Your intelligence will enable you to choose a path and gather evidence, so you will have the chance to find out what you’re looking for before going on the secret mission. The game offers thrilling first-person-shooter experiences, high-quality 3D graphics, and powerful sound effects.

Real Commando Secret Mission is a thrilling activity and adventure game, so it’s great for everyone. If you’re a film fanatic and want to experience action-and-adventure solid scenes, consider downloading this game.

Explore a modern and powerful arsenal

Real Commando Secret Mission offers a wide variety of modern firearms and accessories. You’ll have the opportunity to manipulate sniper rifles and assault rifles, pistols, and grenades. Since you’ll have to shoot at any distance, you must demonstrate your sniper abilities to eliminate enemies or completely wipe out hidden invaders. You’ll need to confirm your melee ability with rifles and grenades. The opposition and criminals are valuable yet fragile.

After completing each challenge successfully, players will earn a lot of money. You invest money into unlocking various weapons, including assault and sniper rifles. Every challenge is very challenging, so it is essential to develop a range of strategies for successful completion carefully. Each mission has a huge contingent of enemies, many of whom are professional mercenaries.

Easy to control for everyone

Actual Commando Secret Mission’s controls are simple to learn, and the game is suitable for anyone with its FPS action genre. You navigate your character with the left-side keyboard directions.

You use the weapon by sliding your finger on the right side of the screen. Your weapon automatically shoots on target, so you only need to focus on the enemy to attack.
Players use the crouch, stand, and shoot buttons to enjoy the fantastic action scenes. The game has an intuitive interface, and you can easily observe the character’s health bar and remaining ammo.

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Real Commando Secret Mission MOD APK

Delivering a great FPS experience

Real Commando Secret Mission is a real-time shooter using the best FPS motifs with the great action and game physics that those aims provide. The game is full of shooting challenges, allowing you to play offline at no end. Real Commando Secret Mission is the perfect option if you like video game shooting. The game is an excellent option if you are an avid shooter as it only requires bullets to shoot toward your enemies. The bridge of the game is complete with bullet shooting goodness.

The game offers exciting gameplay that many players find to be addictive. They fight using modern tools in chaotic battles. The game will add more hours to your leisure time. You must be prepared to challenge the fierce battlefield of action with many modern weapons and try to defeat enemy soldiers in the many challenges. The game has many advantages over other shooting games. For example, the puzzle offers many benefits, including various weapons and creative challenges.

Great action in the first person

Real Commando Secret Mission is a video game that provides excellent offline enjoyment and entertaining shooting. Get ready to explore numerous exciting levels, and acquire many extraordinary real-life shooting moments. You’re initially a solid special forces commando belonging to an area special forces. You’re one of the fighters on the frontline. You are equipped with many assets and modern firearms. Prove the integrity of a current war commander of the world.

Real Commando Secret Mission allows you to play high-quality video games offline. The game offers detailed 3D graphics, natural sounds, and excellent gameplay. All these elements together help make the experience of the game awesome. If you enjoy shooting games, you’ll find a lot of them fun. For this reason, fighting games are fascinating, and you can be extremely excited when you successfully kill your foes. Use your entire range of weaponry and firearms for battle, and choose the appropriate weapon for any particular task or fighting style.

In addition, games offer another choice weapon as a secondary source, such as a revolver. You can also test your skills by completing all the available missions with a gun at your side.

Player Reviews

Player Reviews

Raymond Jackson Jr.:

This game is fun and, so far my team and I, the Green team, have never lost. That’s awesome. There is a thing that I wish would show your game name with your player. And I wish I could select witch players I’ve played with before, to play with again if I choose, and to even friend them if they choose to also.


This is very cool game.🤗🤗😇 I love this game. You choose any gun and the gun is very very cool and there have many levels. 1to10 is very easy but the 11to —- is very difficult .But very very different game. This game have many places .And amazing is this you play multiplayer game. this have 2teams mine is green . please download and enjoy its amazing 💕 game.

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