Mini World: Block Art MOD APK 1.0.40 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Celebrate fantastic architectural feats by making your natural wonderland teeming with all kinds of species, making new friends by visiting them in your town, freeing yourself from danger, and making friends in the exciting game challenges of your selection. Everything you want is conceivable in Mini World: Block Art MOD APK. The only thing that sets your ambition is your imagination.

About Mini World: Block Art MOD APK

App Name Mini World: Block Art MOD APK
Publisher APK BUSTER
Size 89.1 MB
Latest Version 1.0.40
Root Required No
Installs 100,000,000+ downloads
Required 4.4 and up
MOD Free
Genre Arcade
Developer SuperNice Digital Marketing Co., Ltd.
Update 1 day ago
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Minecraft fans can now experience another incredible game on their mobile phones. Build anything you want, have your tools ready, and enjoy yourself as you experiment with unique in-game experiences that offer you the freedom to establish a new world and bring along any materials for use along the way. Have your tools and materials available so you can have them whenever necessary.

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In the game, players will eventually get to navigate the wonderful 3D pixelated world where they can enjoy endless captivating construction sandbox gameplay. Have fun building all kinds of structures in Mini World as you work with the very active simulations, use various tools and accessories, and interact with intriguing characters in it. Investigate the unique gameplay accessible through different game modes and learn as you participate in the collaborative online community in Mini World Block Art. Have tons of fun with other pixelated friends as you work together to create your world in the Creation mode or take on menacing adventures in the survival challenges.

The game even allows you to design your moé sections in the world that have displayed as Mini World Block Art. Pick from various exciting features that you could use to shield and create your place where you achieve your goals using many of the same options. Or, you can find equally entertaining fun in competing directly with gamers from around the world in numerous fascinating minigames that the MiniWorld BlockArt community has created. Play with the many others as you explore their vibrant worlds.

Mini World: Block Art MOD APK Features

Here you will encounter all of the beautiful features the game offers.

Powerful in-game editor to create your world.

Additionally, the game developers will also have access to creator tools. You can use the tools to experiment with different settings and create your gaming worlds with a specific interior and species. Feel free to create exciting designs, perform thrilling stunts, and discover new mechanisms. Have fun creating your own FPS, strategy, or puzzle game.

Have yourself many adorable pets

Also, you can acquire and enjoy additional pets presented in the main adventure’s menu if your total number of customizations is insufficient. Feel free to bring along a high-spirited panda, friendly penguin, pleasant chicken, and plenty of other interesting critters.

Feel free to customize your characters

Since you’re playing online, it’s recommended that you broadly adopt varied personalities, costumes, and elaborate accessories. That way, it will be easier to spot other players with similar characters, and requesting additional bragging rights with your friends will be simple. As well as being highly customizable, the game design gives you a lot of fun.

Enjoy the game in exciting modes.

When Mini World Block Art gameplay includes various play modes, the players have access to several additional elements that make the game more fun.

  • Survival mode – To start with, you can take on the classic Mini World Block Art gameplay, where you’ll guide your character to absolute excitement as you try to survive the strange world with endless possibilities. Stay alive from monster attacks, hunt down animals to look for food, and forage the area for specific resources. Collect multiple items and materials from around you to start building your notable towns and castles.
  • Creation mode – And for those who are interested in creating and building stuff, you’ll enjoy yourself in the epic gameplay in Mini World Block Art. Find yourself using the available tools to design, build, and customize your virtual worlds with many variations.
  • Mini-games – Moreover, gamers in Mini World Block Art will also find themselves having access to hundreds of exciting gameplay in the Mini game challenges that are created by the online community. These games are essentially unique worlds created by other gamers, so if you want to, you can also try to make your worlds and engage in mini-games on them.

Explore the enormous sandbox world

Meanwhile, the players are introduced to a large environment where they can roam freely and have fun. With multiple areas to explore, many different monsters to fight, and a variety of items to collect, players won’t find a single dull moment in their game. Travel to the great maps in search of extraordinary objects.

Enjoy the game alone and with other gamers.

To ease the difficulty and keep the game as loose and free of charge as possible, the players are also granted the capacity to relish in-game competitions with friends or alone. For those who want to play alone or don’t have an internet connection available at that moment, it’s possible to play games in the Single Player game mode. You can interact with other video game players whenever you want to. Regardless of who you choose, you can gain additional enjoyment from the Online Multiplayer video game.

Convenient and intuitive touch controls

An excellent touch technique first attracts you to the handheld game console. Feel free to explore the well-defined representation and advanced game mechanics using your character. You can even take advantage of the intuitive gestures to control your character and interact with the numerous surroundings. Quickly acquire the ability to act efficiently in the growing game as you repeat your critical task repeatedly.

Mini World: Block Art MOD APK

Explore new updates every month

Android players can enjoy a particularly immersive game experience through periodic updates with various brand-new content and fascinating events. Feel free to participate in multiple happenings in the game as you discover new game types every time you return to the worlds in Mini World Block Art.

Record your memorable moments in the game

Players can also use the Gallery function whenever they want to recall all their memorable adventures. Using the Gallery feature, you can play with your creations or take photos of other unique maps.

Play the game in your preferred languages

For those who’d like to enjoy the game with enhanced localization support, we always have 14 language selections, such as English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and so on. Along with language learning, video games will be much more fun.

Free to play

Perhaps you also realize that the game is presently still free to download for all Mobile Google consumers. Go to the Play Store and search for it at no cost.

Have access to the utterly unlocked gameplay with our mod

And, since the game is a freemium title, ad- and in-app-purchases are also used. Some users might find that game features annoying because other optional functions are limited. And if that’s the case, then you should look at our unique version of the game, which is fully unlocked and has advertising disabled. This way, you’ll have all the in-game content unlocked, and all in-app purchases will be enabled.


While using Mini World Block Art, users can immerse themselves in the incredibly immersive sceneries with relaxing sounds and sound effects that accurately approximate the real world.


Trek into the pixelated world where you can narrow down to a mystic animation with many beautiful surroundings, original features, and other unpredictable enhancements. The user-friendly blocky graphics also give you unforgettable pleasure in the smooth, action-packed gameplay on many of your devices.

Player Reviews

Player Reviews

double x channel:

I really like this game it reminds me a lot of minecraft but more for phone and it’s free to get. I’m also not seeing to much in app purchases. Ads don’t suddenly apear out of no where in the middle of you playing like some games. But all in all I’m having fun. It is a little hard at first but everyone has different thoughts but you won’t know until you try 😁

A Google user:

I love this game! The graphics are super cute, the animals and monsters are cute and fun, and it’s free! A little glitchy at times but soooo much fun and so worth the play. Multiplayer has always worked well and I love that there’s a built in mic in game for when you play with friends! Couldn’t recommend this enough! Hope it only gets better!

Final Thoughts

If you are an Android fanatic searching for a simple but exceptionally thrilling game to play on your smartphone, Mini World Block Art will satisfy your need. This game is full of exciting worlds to explore and reinvent the online gameplay and mods to meet your in-game needs.

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