Minecraft Exit Code 255 (Explained & FIXED)

In November 2022, there were more than 17 million gamers of Minecraft worldwide. If you belong to this group, the regular releases of biomes, creatures, blocks, and mechanics probably keep you interested.

One of the most frequent mistakes is the minecraft exit code 225, which you are also probably aware with.

While attempting to run roguelike adventures, dungeons, or the mod pack, many players have encountered the following error: The whole of Fabric 3 in 1.6.2 of Minecraft.

Here is a brief explanation of why this occurs and how to resolve it when it does.

What Causes Exit Code 255?

“Process Exited with Code 225,” it said. You are currently experiencing what is known as a runtime error if you see these words.

Although programmers go through several stages of debugging to give you the best experience, a few mistakes might go undetected.

The following are the most typical causes of this runtime error 225:

Malware Infections

Minecraft Exit Code 255

Malware-related errors are occurring more frequently now. Once they have gained access to your system, malicious intruders might be able to delete files related to runtime errors and further corrupt and damage it.

Consequently, it is advised that you scan your computer for malware.


Typically, a crash happens when Minecraft is unable to recognize that an incorrect input has been given to it.

It might also occur if it is not aware of the necessary output.

Logic Error

Despite having the right input, Minecraft makes a logical error when it produces the incorrect output.

This frequently happens when the code of the video game developer (in this case, Mojang) contains an error in the input data analysis.

The Wrong Mod Loader

The Minecraft community has a wide range of preferences for mod loaders, but some choices might affect the error you encounter. Forge is the slower option in terms of updates even though it has the capacity to support large mods.

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As a result, you might be stuck with error #225 for a longer time because it might not be able to provide updated versions as soon as errors are fixed.

How To Fix Minecraft Exit Code 255

Now that you know what are the reasons for this runtime error, we can start fixing it. But first see if restarting the game or PC fixes the issue. If it doesn’t, let’s proceed. 

Reinstalling The Runtime Libraries

Before attempting any of the other techniques indicated below, you need first reinstall the runtime libraries.

If your MS Visual C++ (essential compiler for the majority of c/c++ applications to execute) is either corrupted or not fully installed, crashes and logic runtime problems may happen.

You can repair this by looking for the “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package” under add or remove programs. Once you’ve located it, remove it before downloading a new setup from the official website.

Before you install it, restart your computer.

The most frequent cause of this issue is this, and reinstalling MSV C++ should resolve it.

Inform The Game Developer That You Are Experiencing This Issue

You should notify Mojang if you believe there is a problem with the game (The developer of Minecraft). They can help you after they are informed of this error.

Usually, the developer will revisit the code and correct the missed error. Mojang will make sure an updated version is accessible for download once this procedure is finished.

Just download it, then play Minecraft as you normally would.

Use Fabric Instead Of Forge

As you are aware, Fabric and Forge are mod loaders for Minecraft. Here are some reasons why Fabric is probably the best option, even though the Minecraft community is still debating which of the two is the better option:

Both Mod loaders have the same function, but they differ in a few ways.

Fabric has grown in popularity as the Mod Loader that keeps up with Minecraft updates a lot faster, despite the fact that Forge is still the more robust option. Given that updates are frequently necessary after an error is fixed, this feature is essential.

Exit code 6 in Minecraft for Mac

Fabric will therefore get you back on track more quickly than ever. Additionally, it doesn’t run on the version of Minecraft, in contrast to Forge.

Simply put, it makes it simple and quick for mod developers to update fresh releases and snapshots!

Run The Correct Version Of Java

Minecraft Exit Code 255

Java 17 is advised for use with version 1.17 of Minecraft (and newer). A differing interpretation can result in compatibility issues and display notifications like “Process Exited.”

Java 16 is a minimum need for version 1.18, thus you should install Java 17 for both. Java 8 can still be used with Minecraft 1.16 and earlier, though.

Search through the primary settings until you find the auto-detect feature, then select it when configuring Java in MultiMC. Ensure that Java appears on the list of downloaded apps after it has been installed.

If not, simply reload the list or search for the Java executable yourself. On Windows, check for.binjavaw.exe in the Java directory, and on Unix platforms, look for./bin/java.

Disk Cleanup

Even though this may not always be the cause of error 225, it is possible that it is because your device doesn’t have enough space.

Simple disk cleanup will take care of this problem.

Bottom Line

After reading this explanation of Minecraft Exit Code 255, you ought to be aware of the causes and solutions. If you are still experiencing issues, check your game files to make sure they are current and free of corruption.

Leave a comment below and I’ll try to help you if it still doesn’t work.

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