Minecraft Can’t Open Inventory? (FIXED)

You’re probably one of the many Minecraft players who are frustrated that their inventory won’t even open if you’re reading this.

Others cannot see the inventory bar at all, while many users have complained about not being able to open creative inventory items like chests, barrels, and tables.

I’ll offer you some advice in this post that might be useful as you work through the problem-solving steps.

How To Fix Minecraft Can’t Open Inventory

This problem typically occurs when you access the inventory when mounted. Following your descent, you won’t be able to access the inventory, and the bar disappears.

Additionally, if the server host does it, all users worldwide will experience the same thing and won’t be able to open it.

The only thing we could do, sadly, was to avoid opening the inventory while riding. Hopefully, this bug will be fixed in the upcoming update.

Try the following fixes if they don’t address the fact that horses are involved in your problem:

Inventory Bar Disappeared In Java Edition

Simply press F1 if you are unable to see the inventory bar on your screen. The concealed HUD should ideally appear as a result of this.

If it does not appear, try manually resolving the problem by selecting the main settings and making sure “Hide HUD” is not switched on.

Closing the program and opening it again is absolutely worth a try if neither of the aforementioned solutions appears to work.

Inventory Bar Disappeared In Bedrock Edition

Try pressing E on your computer’s keyboard if you’re using the Bedrock edition.

If this does not appear to be working, go to settings and select the “Mouse and Keyboard” setting. Then, continue to the bottom until you see “Inventory.”

Make sure E is chosen as the key that will open Inventory after you’ve clicked on it (or feel free to edit it and change it to a key of your choosing!).

Read on if this does not solve the issue.

Other Fixes For Minecraft Can’t Open Inventory

Try the following fixes and see if any of them work for you if the problem isn’t as simple as toggling the inventory bar.

Try The RIGHT Shift Button

Minecraft Can’t Open Inventory

Simply opting for the shift button on the right side instead, has shown to be one of the easiest solutions to this problem. 

Although this has worked for some gamers, others beg to differ. Do give it a go and continue reading if it does not work.

Record And Report The Bug

Even though developers put a lot of effort into making sure users have the best experience possible, it is only natural for them to miss a few problems, especially if they are ones that may not even be apparent until hundreds or thousands of people have played the game.

As a result, note and report such problems as soon as you can.

Thankfully, there are forms readily available to make the reporting procedure more practical. Visit the following link, then choose the appropriate form for your network (For both Java and Bedrock).

Final Thoughts

These problems are frequently bugs in the game code, and there isn’t much we can do about them other than report them to Mojang and wait for them to fix them in the upcoming update.

We could avoid doing things that would cause the error to recur in the interim.

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