Maximus 2 MOD APK 2.52 (Unlimited Money, Skill No CD, High Regen)

Get ready to sail with Maximus 2 MOD APK’s Legendary Heroes and enjoy exploring the multifaceted side-scrolling action gameplay. Explore the many cool weapons and enjoy the different pastimes this side-scrolling action brawler is highly qualified for.

About Maximus 2 MOD APK

App Name Maximus 2 MOD APK
Publisher APK BUSTER
Size 138M
Latest Version 2.52
Root Required No
Installs 100,000+ downloads
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Developer Four Fats Limited
Update 1 day ago
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Choose whether you want to fight solo or with others. Destroy monsters as you play an adventurous action game on mobile devices. Elevated levels of action and excitement will keep you addicted to the game throughout your endless adventures. Consistently enjoy simple and satisfying movements on the screen.

Discover the numerous positive aspects of this enjoyable and all-around video game. See our complete reviews of its in-depth functionality.


As the forces of evil take hold of your king, it is up to you, the hero, to grab your weapons so that you might defeat them from your endless pursuits. Have fun playing through an addictive action game design of Maximus 2, where you are permitted to work with all these special weapons, each having its unique mechanics. Relax and explore the untold levels of video games as you battle against lots of adversaries.

Watch out for the diversity of abilities among the heroes. Have no difficulties utilizing the numerous weapons with unique capabilities and fascinating mechanics. Explore the strengths of the excellent skills and powerful casts. Feel free to modify and enhance your characters by applying the alternatives to make them ready to fight the next adversaries.

Maximus 2 MOD APK Features

Note the number of great features the game offers.

Intuitive touch controls with customizable settings

When you begin playing Maximus 2, you should not have trouble exploring the game and enjoying the exciting gameplay. You won’t be hindered in navigating the 2D side-scroll map as you use Swift motions and intuitive Touch controls to control your heroes.

And for those interested, you can now freely adjust the various joystick settings in Maximus 2 to further enjoy the game. Use the simple float, dot, or fixed joysticks to control your toy at will. Adjust the various button layouts with typical and reversed controls, so you can navigate your organ, not adapting controls to your preferences.

Dynamic and engaging side-scrolling actions

If you at any time find yourself tempted by the stylistic elements of Maximus 2, you can now modify various joystick designs to your liking. You can use ordinary, dotted, or fixed controls to freely browse the game. Adjust the control settings with multiple layouts and inverted controls, allowing you to easily customize your powers as you see fit because I can.

Available in different difficulty settings

For those of you who are interested, you may now have the possibility to enjoy playing Maxim 2 at the chosen difficulty level. Have fun exploring the game action and serving as a superman title at your preferred difficulty level. Have no difficulties with enjoying the game. Feel free to choose your preferred difficulty levels.

Enjoy the captivating stories with a fantastic storyline.

Its different scenarios and dynamic gameplay make Maximus 2 a timeless game, as players will be able to experience the incredible subtleties of the characters and engage in their actions thoroughly. And the game itself is a complete game that consistently immerses players in the different notions. Enjoy role-playing as your top picks and be immersed in the adventures they play.

Different heroes with varying abilities and weapons

By featuring numerous skills and abilities for his character, Maximus 2 allows players to have complete freedom while playing the game. Feel free to select the wrestler, the tank, the magician, the outlaw, the healer, the ninja, and other heroes, each with different skills and abilities, which will allow you to adopt various mechanics at your leisure.

Maximus 2 MOD APK

Customize your heroes with cool skins

Your characters can now vary greatly in appearance with the help of various skins and costumes in the game. Don’t encounter any issues as you play around with the multiple ensembles you can apply to the heroes. However, this will not affect how they function, as you will only be able to change your heroes’ appearance. Thus, you probably won’t be concerned about your characters’ decreased functionality.

Have fun playing the online game with others

In addition, you can now take delight in playing the commercial story of Maximus 2 with friends and online players from around the world. Feel free to play in Multiplayer mode, where you can enjoy coercing in real-time with other players in various four-player online titles. Have fun developing the multiplayer setting of 4 games on several devices, or have fun playing multiplayer video games.

Available in many languages

Maximus 2 amusement lovers will attain complete contentment when they play Maximus 2, regardless of whether they choose to play in English or one of the 32 languages available in the game. This means that the worldwide audience will feel more comfortable participating in Maximus 2, regardless of their spoken language.

Enjoy the game while offline.

And at the same time, the game sales are available offline through the Maximus 2 game for all Android users, making the worldwide download of the game accessible as well. Don’t have any problems downloading or playing, and enjoy all of the pleasures of the game without having to worry about the lack of Wi-Fi or the impact of mobile data usage. Remember that you can only participate in the online cooperative mode without disabling the cell network.

Enable cloud saving to protect your data

If you’re concerned, you may now enable the cloud saving feature in Maximus 2 to backup your in-game data in the cloud. Connect your Google Play games account to make your online backups ready. This will let you synchronize your progress across different devices or retrieve saved games if necessary.

Free to play

For those interested, you can now download a free variant of the game from the Google Play Store, which should be available for all Android gamers to enjoy on the go. Have fun working with the free game and diving into all its functions without facing any troubles. Make sure you will need to keep an eye on advertisements or pay money for in-game purchases if you wish to advance.

Unlock the free premium app using our mod

And if you’re interested in downloading a free game version without paying for advertising or in-game purchases, you can download the modified version of Maximus 2 from our website instead. Download the Maximus 2 Mod APK file, follow the detailed instructions, and you’ll be fully prepared to play the full-sized version of the game on your devices. The game is doubled in terms of performance and offers Unlimited Money, Skill No CD, Regeneration High HP.


The compelling visuals and lovely artwork in Maximus 2 give Android gamers a great reason to jump into the game and live heroic adventures. From the lightning-fast speed chase sequences to the challenging puzzles, you’ll find yourself addicted to playing non-stop. You can also personalize the game’s graphics and effects to match your playing style.

Sound & Music

Maximus 2’s action titles are robust due to the fantastic graphics, pleasant soundtracks, and the tools to give a lively match. Take part in the excitement in this entertaining activity game while hearing positive noises and satisfying music. All these aspects will help you stay immersed in the game from beginning to end.

Player Reviews

Player Reviews

Hex Omega:

Just wanna give this a quick review after level 1. Full controller support for PS4 controllers. Smooth, fast paced combat. I LOVE IT! If you’re a fan of the Golden Axe games, you most likely will as well. It’s definitely a nod to Golden Axe. I find myself enjoying the way the combat flows in this game a lot more, though. Artistically, it reminds me a bit of Adventure Time, which is also something I love. This is a really fun game!

Kevin Niemira:

Fantastic! I’ve really really enjoyed most of the games by this developer, and they keep getting better! This is finally the fluid, polished title I knew they could make! Combat is fun, controls are pretty responsive, everything is smooth even when fighting large groups. The graphics are smooth, the environments dynamic. Love how the levels flow together – keeping you in the action. The best brawler/hack n slash/beat em up action I’ve played on the play store! Please add more for me to play!!TY!

Final Thoughts

Play this outstanding multiplayer game of Maximus 2, where you can feel completely free to engage in the game’s addictive arcade game with many heroes joining along, unending stages, and exciting mechanics. On top of that, enjoy the legendary stories, immersive adventures, and unique missions based on one take-action game. In the end, you will freely explore several different characters and a wide array of attacks, as well as a large number of accessories with countless skills.

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