Mars: Mars MOD APK 40 (MOD, Money/Unlocked)

If you enjoy an exciting and sophisticated game without the off-putting violence and prurience, then Mars: Mars MOD APK is a terrific mobile game you could have on your device. Step into the exciting challenges on Mars, dive to the bottoms of the deep sea, explore the realm of science fiction, and much more as you play at intense levels that will keep your interest for hours.

Play the thrilling mobile video game with well-designed game levels, where you can try out the addictive flights with your functional jetpack. Go on different kinds of interactive challenges, as you can use them to leap from one end to the other. Perform your optimal jumps, win complex challenges, and get to the heart of the game.

Pomelo Games’ noteworthy mobile game lets you learn more about it with our in-depth overview.


Here in Mars: Mars, Android gamers will play the talented space explorer in his primary goal to get around vast stages while attempting to arrive at his objectives. Make utilization of the awesome jetpacks, which will permit you to execute your extraordinary developments efficiently.

Have a complete command over both engines, allowing you to move the jetpack to specific headings or dial back your falls if necessary. Make a point to execute your developments quickly since the fuel on your jetpack will drop with each push.

Have some good times investigating the unending in-game levels, each highlighting its extraordinary difficulties, habit-forming interactivity, and fascinating conditions that will keep you altogether participated in the game. Investigate and partake in your magnificent missions to damages.

Have a good time playing the habit-forming runs as you attempt to move past one stage to the next. What’s more, for those who are intrigued, you can openly alter the in-game subjects to partake in the habit-forming interactivity of Mars: Mars in your particular manners.

Mars: Mars MOD APK Features

The game has to offer many of these unique features.

Enjoy the offline game whenever you want

Now, Mars: Mars makes sure that you never have to stop playing a game because it is now available for all gamers. You can now play your favorite game without turning on mobile data or seeking online hot spots.

Compete with friends and online gamers for the ultimate score

If you’re curious, now you can try competing against friends and online gamers to work toward your best score. Always give it you’re all in every contest and make the most of the excellent gaming opportunities while trying to outdo your friends. Make your way through all obstacles and win over another to demonstrate your skills.

Customize the gameplay with different themes

Here in Mars: Mars, Android gamers will get opportunities to partake in the tremendous versatile title in various subjects, making the game much more fun while permitting Android gamers to participate in their new undertakings. Have some good times as the jumper in his suit for a mission at the sea’s profundity.

Investigate old Egypt with your #1 Cleopatra. Challenge the space undertakings with your strong outsiders. Or on the other hand, he even plays as Include Dracula in his excursion to the palaces. Various subjects will offer unique settings and a similar stage for you to arrive on. Go ahead and utilize your jetpack to travel through these different situations and partake in the game without limit.

Realistic physics to keep you engaged

Thanks to the lively, in-computer physics encouraging Android players to have fun playing an exciting game whereby you move around the map with an enticing thruster, Mars: Mars will let you navigate efficiently, just like in the real world.

Based on the encouraging computer-based physics, your acrobat movements will be accurate, and you’ll be able to move around the map with great control and effortlessly. Make sure to research the exciting physics, and you can model the precise movements required to earn points quickly in the game.

Endless in-game levels to test your skills.

If you’re curious, Android users can now appreciate playing with the endless in-game levels of Mars: Mars, through which you can easily explore your professional astronaut expeditions to the fullest extent. Feel free to play an enjoyable and undemanding video game as you look for your daring air jumps and occasionally attempt to overcome the increasing difficulties.

Mars: Mars MOD APK

Simple and accessible gameplay for all gamers

From the beginning, mobile users on Mars can effortlessly immerse themselves in this easy and accessible mobile title, thanks to its intuitive control buttons. Here, it would be best if you utilized your character’s motions with the help of the right and left thruster jets. Enable any of the thrusters to help move in various directions. Use both thrusters when descending to slow you down.

Free to play

Mars: Mars continues to be a game choice for absolutely free players on all Android systems, but you will need to pay for the whole experience to start playing. Take your time reviewing the product from the Google Play Store, as the ad purchase possibilities and in-game effects can all trigger additional transactions.

Have access to the valuable mod on our website

What’s more, talking about which, for those of you who are keen on playing the whole round of Mars: Mars, there is a compelling reason to follow through on the premium costs to open its substance since we additionally offer our valuable mode for you to work with.

Here, we include the changed variant of Mars: Mars with limitless cash, eliminated promotions, and opened highlights. These should allow you to partake in the entire game without difficulties. Essentially download the Mars: Mars Mod APK, adhere to the guidelines, and begin playing around with it.

Sound & Music

Featuring strong sound effects and engaging musical accompaniment, the game Mars lets users fully immerse themselves in their fantastic jetpack adventures. Play the game on your mobile device, enjoy its fascinating action gameplay, and revel in its responsive audio features.


Get ready for a short but addictive title of Mars called Mars, on which users can freely immerse themselves in the efficient level of action-based platform play by using simple but visually pleasing components. Learn from highly effective physics, exciting animations, and unique game scenes.

The impeccably uncomplicated graphics and the immersive gameplay of Mars: Mars, made for all gamers, will allow you to enjoy this title fully. Additionally, the simplicity of the graphics also enables you to gain pleasure in the smooth tension and enjoyment of playing on the Red Planet for yourself.

Player Reviews

Player Reviews

Orlando Lara:

There are so many great things about this game. First off, although there are ads, you don’t get spammed by them all the time; this allows for some truly enjoyable game play. Secondly, the style of the game allows you to either play for a high score or attempt maneuvers to get more in game credit. The graphics are wonderful as well. And having many different skins gives you a goal to collect them all if you want. Overall I think it’s a very well designed game.

Chris Welsh:

This game is very good and interesting with multiple different environments that you get as you unlock different personas drawn from Uruguay, science, Hollywood, horror, music, etc… The two flaws is the terrain stays manly the same, just the forms change so the game becomes very repetitive. Also, once you have unlocked the different personas there in not much left but to just keep jumping from platform to platform unlocking…again…personas you aleady have. Worth a look though.

Final Thoughts

For all of you looking for a simple, nontoxic, and excessively stimulating mobile game, Mars: Mars offers deformable gameplay and an energizing series of challenges to keep you interested from beginning to end. Have fun competing against yourself and others for the top scores. The show is straightforward and entirely satisfying for all participants.

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