Larva Heroes: Battle League MOD APK 2.6.5 (Unlimited Candy + Gold)

You are ready to join your favored characters from Larva Island, and you must unlock the amusing and ever-growing adventures of some of Lou Feratrica’s larva hero friends. Access countless heroes, who each have fascinating powers and abilities. The battle against the antagonistic forces proceeds to the extraordinary conclusion in Larva Heroes: Battle League MOD APK.

In your endless battles, Larva Heroes Battle League will immerse you into unexpected and stimulating playing experiences as you will develop your character to match. You will discover a plethora of challenging assignments. Access the great powers and boosters so that you will have the ability to make the most of it.

Discover everything about the fantastic game Tuban, as well as its fun features, with our complete write-ups.


The forces of the dark images ensure that a horde of hostile extraterrestrial creatures invades the city. It’s up to you, the hero of Larva Heroes Battle League, to stop the villains from eradicating the Earth and restoring peace to the globe. Rejoice in the experience of playing with many of your favorite characters from the acclaimed Larva Island series as you defeat your enemies in the battles you participate in.

Engage in awesome action and tactical gameplay as you recruit your army of alpha heroes and their various units to battle the impending battles. Enjoy the addictive matches with simple controls, dynamic components, and escalating challenges. All of these will keep you hooked to the game for hours. Have access to different heroes with their abilities, unlocking cool hero cards with funny costumes and other powers. Play without interruption in endless offline levels, or decimate your opponents in the exhilarating online challenge. The options for offline and online games are endless.

Larva Heroes: Battle League MOD APK Features

Here are some fun things the video game can offer its users.

Enable the Auto-Battle feature to eliminate gamers’ fatigue

In your kid’s gaming system, you can use Auto-Battle in Larva Heroes Battle League to play video games without your direct participation. Have fun playing this feature whenever the system gets back to work.

Get your fortune cookies and earn awesome rewards.

Be sure you have as many fortune cookies in your system as possible, as their use will help you meet your goals in the game. Obtain your game’s gold, treasures, magic jewels, and more from the fortune cookies you collect.

Endless levels with increasing difficulty and evolving challenges

For those interested, you can now play the interminable levels of Larva Heroes Battle League with imaginative mechanics and higher degrees of difficulty. Never find yourself running out of dungeon levels and tactical battles in the game. Remember always to prepare yourself for your next competition.

Attractive hero cards with varying powers and hilarious costumes

To enhance the gameplay of playing with heroes in Larva Heroes Battle League, the battle league will offer gamers an extensive array of hero cards with unique icons, images, mechanics, and incredible talent. Watch the heroes with ability icons and skins with all the exciting abilities, capabilities, and powers.

Engage in exciting Unit mode

Those interested can now enjoy some of the game’s more strategic gameplay, as you have no more access to heroes and are only allowed to bring units on your campaign. Here, you can access unit abilities that units commonly employ, using your tactical prowess to curate your battle teams.

Join the larva heroes and their friends

Join your larva friends in exciting dungeon challenges on the Hero Mode. Use the powers of your different heroes and foster your armies, countering the rich troops coming at you from around you. Take the role of a particular hero, develop your unique abilities, and hold out against the additional warriors awaiting you.

Larva Heroes: Battle League MOD APK

Simple gameplay with evolving mechanics

As soon as you begin hosting live matches in Larva Heroes Battle League, you won’t find any problem getting comfortable in the game since it has simple controls and gameplay. Recruit your armies of larvae and insects, along with the help of our glorious heroes, so you can take part in epic battles with the invading hordes and defeat them to protect the Earth.

The straightforward directions to initiate the hero’s run and the animated sequences of Lock-On personalities will keep you wanting to play the match for an hour, if not more. The ever-changing animations and dynamic moves will keep you connected to the outstanding smartphone game for a long time.

Compete with others in ranked challenges

With the list of ranked struggles living in the Losers Brawl League, racing car lovers can compete each week. Compete against each other in thrilling tactical competitions with your opponents. Beat them so you can progress through the ranks—battle in your level that’s reset monthly or even weekly. Try to win many battles to stay in front of going ahead of your friends and other challengers.

Enjoy the offline game on the go.

Larva Heroes Battle League will also include offline gameplay for Android users. Take advantage of unrestricted access to this game’s endless levels and units anytime, from wherever you want. You do not have to touch the mobile or WiFi because playing is started automatically; only the game must be online.

Free to play

Despite all the appealing features, Larva Heroes Battle League is still free to use for all Android gamers alike on the Play Store. Just download the free title and start challenging yourself with a variety of its numerous free options. Just be sure that you keep in mind that the title will still feature ads, and if you want to speed things up without having to grind, you will also find this option available.

Enjoy the unlocked game using our mod.

Please look at our free version of Larva Heroes Battle League, which features an ad-free experience and unlimited app income. However, our modded app also offers options that allow you to make free in-app purchases with no hassle. All you need to do is download the Larva Heroes Battle League Mod APK file and Copy the Mod URL to your device.

Sound & Music

In addition, the accessible controls and excellent graphics of Larva Heroes Battle League also make the mobile combat platform very immersive. The responsive sound effects guarantee you will be enthusiastic about your Larva battles.


With so many people clamoring to see the-inspired virtual world distinctively found in Larva Heroes Battle League, fans will have the chance to come up with their virtual character and watch the ultra-cool 2D artwork and uniquely animated sequences that will make their Flavor moment genuinely unique and memorable.

Plus, the smooth actions and highly engaging gameplay obtained from the extraordinary visual effects will ensure without a doubt that Larva Heroes Battle League will excite you rapidly on your Android device. Therefore, the outstanding 2D graphics and simple controls will immerse you throughout the game.

Player Reviews

Player Reviews

Zander Atkinson:

I like this game much, but its hard to get magic candy. Can you bring back the boss dungeon mode? Its where i get my magic candies. Pls bring it back. Thanks

Eli Superal:

I wish i can change the outfit of each character and then they will have new powers that would be cool though so keep up the good work wish you like my offer 😍😍😎😎

Final Thoughts

With the fun-filled and extremely addictive puppy video game, continuous play-controller challenges, and diverse game modes, the Larva Heroes Battle League Android app will allow game enthusiasts to participate continually in playful mobile action. Please feel free to carry along with your friends in one of many epic endeavors of the game. Also, have fun for several hours ahead of them in the endless games.

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