Is 800 MHz RAM Good For Gaming?

We all understand that the more RAM we have, the better; this is particularly true for gaming. Does RAM speed, however, have any impact on games?

If you’re wondering whether your RAM, which has an 800Mhz speed, is suitable for gaming, read on. Most games should work just well!

In general, RAM speed has little to no impact on gaming; therefore, if you ever have to pick between getting more RAM or getting a faster RAM speed, always get more RAM.

I’ll analyze whether 800Mhz RAM speed is sufficient for gamers in this post and how it affects FPS.

Note: I’ll assume you have 8GB of RAM running at 800 MHz throughout this post.

Yes is the typical response to this. If you play games sometimes, 800 MHz RAM speed should be adequate. The difference between 800 MHz and 1600 MHz RAM speeds is probably not noticeable.

However, modern viewpoints and gaming standards consider 800 MHz RAM slow for beginners.
Additionally, 800 MHz won’t be ideal if you need to game in 1080p or higher, and you will need to upgrade your RAM size (not speed).

However, 800 MHz RAM is enough if you only need to play common games. Therefore, purchasing 16GB of RAM won’t cost you much money. But keep in mind that contemporary games need a lot of memory.

How Does A 800 MHz RAM Affect FPS?

Games require a large amount of memory. If you already have 16 GB of RAM, for example, adding more RAM speed won’t boost your frame rate. And most games follow this pattern.

The majority of games don’t go past that limit, which is the cause. The FPS of your games can be increased by adding more memory, though, if your RAM is 4GB or 8GB 800 MHz.

Only a select few can use 800 MHz RAM. Some games don’t even reach the 4GB memory limit. Therefore, using 800 MHz RAM for typical gaming is acceptable.

Therefore, the response is based on the size of the game you want to play. Additionally, there will be significant game development in the future. We advise choosing a 16GB memory capacity rather than an 8GB memory capacity with a higher Mhz speed.

How Much RAM Speed Do I Need For Larger Games?

Everyone loves to go with more, as was previously stated. You can only use a minimum of 8 GB of 800 MHz RAM as of 2019. As a result, even at the minimum, the games from 2020 demand more than 800 MHz.

Is 800 MHz RAM Good For Gaming

So now, most gamers use 16GB of 3200 MHz RAM. However, that does not mean that the 8 GB 800 MHz one is never used. It still works with older games. However, the gaming industry’s future is drastically shifting every day. Consequently, you never know what will happen next.

Is 1600 MHz/ 3200 MHz Enough for Gaming?

Yes, both the 8GB 1600 MHz and the 16GB 3200 MHz RAMs are sufficient for gaming.

Additionally, the latter is superior to the former. As previously said, you must comprehend your games’ memory and speed requirements.

We advise going at least 1600MHz because the world of games is rapidly evolving.

Bottom Line

The best method for determining whether 800 MHz RAM is adequate for your needs is to experiment with various configurations and see how it performs with the games you play the most.

The average gamer should be alright overall. However, 800MHz won’t be the greatest option if you’re an avid player. Yet again, RAM Speed has little impact on gaming.

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