Hungry Shark World MOD APK 4.8.0 (Mega Menu/Money)

The Hungry Shark World MOD APK series is back, bringing even greater destruction than the original Hungry Shark Evolution game. Please choose your favorite sharks, and let’s find something to eat in Hungry Shark Evolution 2 from Ubisoft Entertainment. Be the most extensive and worst ocean predator and overeat until you’re massive. Please pick up the old and new sharks and eat them to become more prominent.

About Hungry Shark World MOD APK

App Name Hungry Shark World MOD APK
Publisher APK BUSTER
Size 115.3 MB
Latest Version 4.8.0
Root Required No
Installs 100,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Developer Ubisoft Entertainment
Update 1 day ago
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Hungry Shark World includes somewhat the same storyline as its predecessor. In this game, payers will take on the role of sharks in the ocean, which have been pre-programmed to locate and consume everything they find within the realm of the sea around them. They are always starving and would roughly chew whatever they could, provided the items were small enough before being bitten.

Your goal in the game is to collect and evolve different species of sharks, making it easier and growing them. There’s only one ocean. If you have been identified as a sensible hunter, choose suitable prey. Eat it and grow. You will also struggle with other opponents’ battles to keep. Make sure your sharks are strong enough to destroy them or get out.

Hungry Shark World MOD APK Features

Here we’ll examine all the exciting events this game has to offer.

Collect varied buffs to make your sharks more capable

You can get many bonuses for your sharks to give them additional capabilities during their hunts. Pick the SuperSize bonus and improve your shark’s size. Set the Rush attribute on your shark, and it’ll start swimming at incredible speeds at the bottom of the sea. You may also select the gadgets, magic, and other miscellaneous bonuses to assist you throughout your search.

Get yourself helpful pets to assist you in hunting.

The remarkable feature of Hungry Shark World is that it enables you to travel the sea during the game and recruit new pets to assist you on your journey. That said, players can successfully get themselves a pet shark, a whale, or an octopus, each of which has its distinct abilities and abilities. Raise them, and they’re bound to be helpful by providing you with various boosts.

Enjoy epic missions and go against badass bosses.

Your character will experience an expansive campaign in Hungry Shark World, in which you’ll have the do-or-die duty of looking after troublesome missions against bosses and engaging in situation–based decision-making. Manage your resources, attempt various approaches, and gain advantages. Explore the deep blue ocean in over 20 different types of missions with various objectives. Win the challenge to obtain an adrenaline rush, hunt down prey to ensure more robust sharks, and go up against intimidating employers.

Unlock new powers as your sharks grow

Since your sharks’ size increases, they begin to develop various developmental changes, which result in increased stats and abilities. When you upgrade your sharks, their jaw power increases, their swimming speed improves, and their stomach and jaw size increase so they can swallow larger fish as an outcome. Don’t forget to equip your sharks with powerful gear to boost their effectiveness.

Kill or be killed in this dangerous water.

You can earn an unpleasant and potentially lethal injury in the ocean’s deep water. You have a choice: you can pick whether to escape or perish separately. Let your inner instincts guide you, and you’ll do amazing things. Fight hard with your ability and deserve enviable rewards. Even in the deepest parts of the ocean, there exist over 100 different creatures from which you will never run out of food. It’s not your choice whether to confront them or ignore them. Challenge even the most fearful underwater enemies like whales, submarines, and sharks. Above all, win and remain the strongest.

Hungry Shark World MOD APK

Explore a huge world

Gamers explore the deep ocean here, carrying out journeys that lead to a number of the unknown and most beautiful regions of the planet. Swim between the most distinct and extraordinary areas of the world and travel to the undiscovered continent of Hungry Shark in its vast open world maps. The League of different countries consists of the pacific islands, the Arabian Sea, the Arctic Ocean, the South China Sea, and so on. Show off your taste with various exotic foods and feed different animals.

Collect different shark species for your team

If you play the game, you might get the ocean sink, encounter a variety of unique species, and get hold of some of the most effective shark species, such as the iconic predator, the Great White. Collect diverse sharks and embody them on your team. Sharks are divided into seven doubly different ranks, with each providing another type of bonus than another. With that many different sorts of sharks, the players will have several opportunities to choose from the differences between these various ratings.


Enjoy incredible sound effects as you travel with the hungry shark through the sea, creating terrors.


Hungry Shark World’s obtainable graphics model has wholly evolved, presenting a greatly enhanced 3D quality. The vivid animations, mind-blowing visual effects, and incredible detail make you feel like you have entered the underwater world.

Unlock unlimited gameplay with our mods

If, when playing a game, you believe your progress is relatively slow, you can speed it up by having our Hungry Shark World Mod APK (Unlimited Money) installed on your device(s). Just download and install the file on your device(s). Follow our instructions carefully to have the game adequately set up and ready to go.

Free to play

The game’s webpage now allows many Android users to access the game’s content without paying anything immediately. Play as many characters from this story as possible as you play this fantastic game without paying anything. Downloadable content may get in your adventure if you’re not an active player.

Simple and intuitive controls

By maintaining the preferred mechanics of the previous Hungry Shark PC games, along with a few tweaks, the Hungry Shark World Mod lets you relax in the swimming pool environment. The optimized touch controls make it easier for your fish to move around, catch and eat their dinner. Moreover, the tilted authorities have returned since the modifications were so popular.

Player Reviews

Player Reviews

Alexander T.:

I love playing this game to take my mind off things and relax. One thing that could be improved are the chances of getting certain mutations in extinction mode. For example, I really don’t like getting the “Boost Drains Health” mutation so I try to skip it as much as I can. However the chances of getting that mutation seem incredibly high, because I had to skip it about 7 times before not being able to afford it anymore on the 8th. Also, the jet pack keeps getting unequipped from every shark.

Seawing 64:

It’s a fantastic sequel to hungry shark evolution, but it seems to not really get the full scope of the original. The original had more sharks, cosmetics, and pets. That would be fine though if the actual maps were all as good as the original’s. The original game’s map was full of life, and places to explore, but the maps in this game feel flat, scattered, and isolated. If the maps were either all as in depth as the original, or connected in some way I think it would be as good as the original.

Final Thoughts

Hungry Shark World is an excellent version of the wildly successful game franchise of the same name. It boasts increased graphics, sounds, and game mechanics, and you should not miss having this app on your device.

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