How to Roll Back a Minecraft Server (Complete Guide)

Have you ever wanted to restore a Minecraft server to a former state? Well, with the aid of this manual, you can now! You only need a server backup and a few minutes of your time.

If you unintentionally delete something or your server is hacked, rolling back a server can be beneficial. Additionally, you can use it to reverse any changes you don’t like.

Additionally, rolling back the server will undo any changes made to the server files but will not affect any world data or player data.

How To Restore The Minecraft Backup

If you don’t already have plugins like “Core Protect” installed that can perform rollbacks for you, restoring a backup is the only way to roll back a Minecraft server.

Unfortunately, you cannot roll back a Minecraft server if you lack either.

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You can find out which server providers offer automatic backups by visiting their website or contacting customer service. If you have the Core Protect plugin, you can undo changes using various configurable settings.

Additionally, it will enable you to determine which user changed which block if there has been server griefing.

Now let’s examine how to retrieve the backup. There are two ways to do that, and we’ll go over each one.

Using The Hosting Control Panel

I’ll presume you are using a hosting company created to host Minecraft servers. For this example, I’ll use shockbyte, but all hosts follow the same procedure.

Go to the server first, then the shockbyte control panel. Then, as a precaution, STOP the server before you take any further action. Find the backup file on your computer and check to see if it can be restored. The server’s current worlds must also be deleted before moving on.

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In the left sidebar of the shockbyte control panel, click files and backup. Click Restore in the same left sidebar after the page has loaded.

A message will appear asking you to confirm which backup file you want to restore if your backed-up files are located on the server. Click “ok” after selecting the file you want to restore.

Return to your server’s control panel after that, and click console in the left sidebar.

A message will state that your backup files have been unpacked after a short while. After saving a backup, you can restart the server and return to the game’s previous state.

Using An FTP Client

Use a free FTP client like FileZilla or WinSCP for this method.

How to Roll Back a Minecraft Server

You must determine the type of backup you have before restoring your backup file. Ensure that the server files and plugins are included in your backup files. After right-clicking, you can verify this by extracting the backup file from the context menu.

You must delete everything on the server before restoring the backup and make sure you have all the server files and plugins. Because if you don’t get rid of them, the backup files will clash, and the restoration attempt might fail.

Upload the backup to the server after removing the pertinent files and worlds that correspond to the files you are restoring using the FTP client. Return to your server’s control panel after the upload is finished to double-check that you fixed the right backup file by looking at the world name and server type fields.

Now click to restart your server in the left sidebar’s console. The server should start restarting after a brief interval. No errors ought to appear on the console.

Congratulations! Your Minecraft server’s rollback has been successful.

You can create a backup of your Minecraft server by following these instructions if you don’t already have one and if it’s not too late.

How To Create A Backup Of Your Minecraft Server?

On your server, you can back up Minecraft either automatically or manually. Let me break down each for you.

How to Roll Back a Minecraft Server

How To Manually Back Up Your Server?

Making a manual backup is more straightforward than it may seem. To make sure everything you’ve done up to this point is saved, so you don’t lose any progress, first go to the server control panel of the Minecraft server and STOP the server.

After that, use an FTP client to access the server directory. Once you have established an FTP connection to the server, choose every file in the server’s primary directory and copy it to the new folder you want to use for the backup.

The amount of time it takes to copy all the files will depend on the size of your server and the plugins you have installed. After copying all the files, restart the server using the server control panel.

You’ve just finished manually backing up a Minecraft server. Easy as pie.

How To Automatically Back Up Your Minecraft Server?

Compared to manually establishing a backup, this is much simpler. Schedule a new task by going to the advanced option in your server. Then start a new task and give it a name that suits you.

Set the backup interval to 14 days and select the scheduled status option from the drop-down menu. If you want, you can even set up a daily backup. Select create backup under the command options, then click create.

That’s it; every 14 days, an automatic backup of your server directory is created.

Bottom Line

The bad news is that if you do not have a backup saved, you cannot roll back the Minecraft server. Therefore, making regular backups, whether automatically or manually, is crucial.

I think it is better to have backups created automatically so you won’t have to worry even if you fail to do it manually. If you have the backup files on hand, the restoration is rather simple to complete; all you have to do is adhere to the procedures we explained.

Please let me know by leaving a comment if you are still having trouble restoring the backups, and I will work to find a fix.

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