How To Find The Seed Of A Minecraft Realm

Many Minecraft players want to know where to locate a realm’s seed so they can use it to launch their world.

It simply takes a few minutes and is quite simple.

In this article, I’ll explain how to find the Minecraft realm’s seed in 3 simple steps.

How To Find The Seed Of A Minecraft Server Java

Finding a Minecraft realm you want to copy and joining it should be your first step.

When a world is made, a number that serves as the realm’s seed is generated. The world is generated using it, and every time it is created, it is the same.

The simplest way to find the seed right now is to simply type /seed in the chat window, which will display the seed number.

Use these steps to manually locate the seed if it doesn’t seem to be working for some reason.

Step 01

Usually, the game’s files contain this realm’s seed.

You must open the game files to locate the seed. This is typically located in the C: drive in Windows. This is generally found in the Applications folder on a Mac.

You must first locate the game files and then launch the Minecraft folder.

Step 02

You must locate and open the saves folder inside the Minecraft folder. All of the world’s files are kept in this location.

The world folder you want to look for the seed of can then be located and opened. You must identify the level.dat file inside the world folder. The entire world’s data, including the source, are contained in this file.

Step 03

You will require a program that can read.dat files to open the file. You can open it in Notepad, but we advise using the free Notepad++ program because it will display the code neatly and in different colors.

Step 04

Finding the seed is the only step left after opening the level.dat file. Typically, the file’s source is located at the very bottom. There will be a lot of numbers and letters in it.

You can duplicate the seed and use it to create your own world once you’ve found it.

How To Find The Seed Of A Minecraft Realm Bedrock

Finding the realm’s seed in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft is very easy.

You must first select the edit option for the realm whose seed you want, after which you must scroll down to find the “download world” option.
Click “Download” and wait for it to complete.

Return to the main menu after downloading it, and you will see a copy of the realm you chose at the bottom.
Then you must choose the copy’s edit option and scroll down to find a section labeled “seed.”

That’s it.

You could skip that and ask the administrator for the seed.

How To Find The Seed Of A Minecraft Realm

Bottom Line

The seed of a Minecraft universe can be located quite easily. All you need to do is write “/seed”!

To find the seed of a world, locate it, open the level.dat file, and copy the source if it doesn’t work. Alternatively, you may ask the server administrator for the key.

You can create your universe with the seed once you get it.

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