Horrorfield MOD APK 1.4.12 (Full unlocked/ads-free)

For those unaware of it, horror games won’t be less scary if you play with others in Horrorfield. But the gameplay would be more fun and exciting wherever you go, and this entertaining mobile title of Horrorfield MOD APK will surely attract the attention of Android gamers with multiplayer action incorporated with cross-listed enigma solving.

Engage yourself in a brilliantly designed game surrounded by other players in real time. Play with your partner using the intuitive controls and explore the different features and facets of the game’s various game modes and components. With exciting gameplay where stark survival horror conditions will add to the addictive team-based thrill of the activity, players of Android-based games can make the most of playing such a fantastic computerized title.

Learn more about this exciting game from Skytec Games with our comprehensive reviews.


In Horrorfield, Android gamers will join groups of victims in a deserted abattoir, where they will be held as prisoners by the villainous henchmen. Play the game with various roles, which may involve different levels of resilience and expertise to help you survive the onslaught from the villains. But do not forget that they are also carrying their weaponry. The most likely method for escaping death is to converse and figure out the puzzles before leaving the safe house before the enemies show up. Explore the frightening bases where the different enemies reside.

Go away from the enemies, devise strategies to use the different items and your abilities, open secret doors, and establish long agons. It’s also possible to play the villain, enjoying your survival quest and attempting to take all the others down at your base of operation. Finish the game by taking a while to severely hurt the bad guys before they can successfully run off from your area. Horrorfield features exciting smartphone gameplay, enabling you to navigate addictive action, which mobile games are concerned with.

Horrorfield MOD APK Features

The game offers a range of entertaining features.

Different items and crafts to explore

Players can also enjoy their creative and personal reviews of RPG games using the distinctive crafting apparatus. The game’s open world allows players to collect things together with enjoyable objects, which can be used to create or upgrade different instruments and tools. Players may utilize their strengths to gain unique methods to escape dangerous ventures as rescued survivors. As for the maniacs, you must locate all other survivors to prevent them from making any improvements.

Level up and upgrade your characters

Through gameplay, Android users can enjoy all the latest RPG progression elements, which allows the characters to unlock special abilities and develop their abilities. By doing this, they will receive a better chance of winning the game, regardless of whether you are on one of the two opposite sides. Earn more health and quickly improve your ability to leave the facility as the last escape victim. Or unlock better powers to increase your chances of success.

Different psychos with unique abilities

In addition to offering various characters to play with, the Maniac gameplay also has multiple characters for you to select depending upon which target you need to finish or which one you need to get nearer to.

  1. Butcher – these characters can break the generators that the survivors have fixed to prevent them from escaping. You can then either wait until the preys return or go on a hunt to take them down.
  2. Cultist – this fearsome monster is a product of a mental hospital and packs some powers to its attacks. It can sacrifice the survivors for more power.
  3. Ghost – uses its abilities to get past walls and doors without having to open them; along with the stealthy walking style, this character is excellent for terrifying the victims and terrorizing their souls.
  4. Beast – the hungry werewolf monster is mighty and can easily tear down its victims into pieces.

Interesting Maniac mode to play as the psychopaths

For those of you who are interested, you can now switch sides and play the exciting game of Horrorfield as the psychopaths in the Maniac Mode, in which you may take pleasure in navigating the map, searching the shelters, listening intently to sacred heart sounds, and following them to come across the survivors. Have fun exploring the map, checking out the ceilings, listening to sounds taken by the sacred hearts, and following them as they locate the survivors.

Build on the other characters’ abilities to gain a temporary advantage and rapidly find the objectives. Take down the villains quickly with the firearms you’re great at using. Win the battle by successfully taking all the villains’ lives and making sure no one survives to tell the story.

Different survivors with unique abilities

Here in Horrorfield, you’ll find Android video game characters with abilities that change depending on your area of play to suit your manner of succeeding, to help you advance through various riddles and obstacles.

  1. Basketball Player – use your super-fast runs to escape from the maniacs quickly or lure them away to keep your friends safe.
  2. Doctor – constantly heal yourself and others to ensure you won’t get taken down before reaching the exit.
  3. Engineer – this character can quickly fix the generators, much quicker than the other members of the crew. Ensure his safety so your team can quickly escape the establishment.
  4. Thief – like the Basketball Player, this member of the team can be used to lure away the enemies and create distractions for others to escape. Also, you can use the high stealth and agility stats to secretly perform your missions without being detected.
  5. Mercenary – this brave and capable soldier with high morale can fight against the enemies and give the members a few precious moments to run away from the killer.
  6. Scientist – this member provides many valuable buffs to the team members, including his wisdom aura and the ability to upgrade weapons.
  7. Police Officer – this is the online character in the game who can catch the murderer and prevent him from reaching other vulnerable members.

Use these different members’ abilities to collectively form the best group to build your most capable team, improving your chances of winning the game.

Intense and thrilling gameplay for all horror fans

In the Survivor mode of the Horrorfield game genre, Android players can enjoy similar gameplay to that of Smiling X2, where you have to discover all the ways to escape from enemies while exploring and solving puzzles to complete the map. Have fun competing with friends and online gamers in a shared challenge, where you must establish a solid team strategy, avoid traps and confinements, and utilize your differences.

Enhance each other’s skills, and develop your unique techniques to provide each other the best chances of success as you work together to eliminate the generators and get them all running to leave the vault. With only one opportunity to test each escape plan, and the maniac wielding an axe relentlessly pursuing you, the gratifying and exciting experience in Horrorfield will keep you all involved from beginning to end.

Horrorfield MOD APK

Simple controls and interactive map

The game allows players on their Android consoles to control their characters and interact with the in-game elements, giving superior touchscreen control. Here, you need to swipe various aspects of the map to move your characters. Select particular objects or items to unlock their distinct interactions. And use abilities as well as items with your instant command.

Different locations with unique settings

Here in Horrorfield, the inhabitants of Android will be able to participate in the exciting gameplay of RPG action and puzzle solving, which can be taken on a variety of maps with various creepy atmospheres and distinct environments. Find yourself enjoying this gameplay while-in-residence in residence on different maps.

Enjoy the more with the Clan mode.

To ensure you enjoy Horrorfield, Skytec Games additionally have the Clan mode for online players to multiply their Battlefield 3 multiplayer funs. Feel free to choose whichever clans to join, or create a brand-new family for you and all your pals. Have a ton of fun playing many different and intoxicating clan challenges you can combat.

Complete your daily quests for special rewards

Instead of completing your daily and weekly hunts and challenges, you can take pleasure in particular enjoyment factors in Horrorfield. You are free to peruse the different missions every day and take pleasure in pursuing their unique objectives to participate further in this game.

Challenge others on the leaderboards

Under extreme circumstances, you can now compete in Horrorfield against the best gamers on the leaderboards. Having a fantastic time competing with other great players allows you to sharpen your abilities. Access to the leaderboards is the key to your cut-scene, and your high-level goals and rewards are just around the corner.

Free to play

Despite its exciting features, Candy Crush Saga is free to play for all Android users and is available for download on the Play Store. Because of this, you can even play the game on your mobile device without paying anything. The game has a lot going for it, with many of its free features.

Unlock the entire game with our mod

And suppose you wish to take advantage of the entirely ad-free and fully unlocked gameplay of Horrorfield without paying for anything in its in-app purchases. In that case, you may want to consider our modified version of the game instead. Here, you can experience the entire game without spending on it. You must download the Horrorfield Mod APK, follow the instructions, and start the game.

Sound & Music

The game also features a variety of impressive sound effects and set-up music, keeping you engaged and entertained throughout the game session—experience incredible soundscapes and countless sound effects that keep you terrified and astonished throughout the exciting gameplay.


Right here in Horrorfield, video game enthusiasts are permitted to revel in the enjoyable gameplay of horror action and puzzle solving with extensive visual features. Here, the entire environment was designed to produce you feel as if you could live in a space with dangerous and claustrophobic murderers pursuing you. Featuring realistic animations, exciting visual effects, and many other characters, the game provides a great environment where players can play dreamlike games and have fun.

Player Reviews

Player Reviews

Robert Arnold:

Really fun and it actually does require teamwork. I want there to be an update where you can spectate a round that’s currently being played. It would have a lot of viewers and it would feel like you’re watching an actual horror movie except it would be completely unpredictable, the psycho could win or two escape. And the best part is that it’s never the same players. Also the players who are being spectated could become celebritys to the game, racking in a ton of support for Skytec.

A Google user:

Really fun game! It takes some time to get used to some of the subtleties, but once you get the hang of it you can escape often and build up your stats, gear, characters, etc. It is really fun playing as the psychopaths too! Not sure if they’re bots or other players, but either way the AI is good at rescuing and helping toward goals.

Final Thoughts

Thrilling and delightful gameplay of horror action and puzzle-solving gameplay, along with the addictive online experiences, makes Android gamers of Horrorfield enthrall with the game with friends and online gamers. Take part in the epic horror title in different game modes and appreciate the brilliant gameplay in your ways. Do not forget to download the free and unlock the game to start having fun.

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