Horizon Chase MOD APK 2.5.2 (Unlocked All Cars)

Currently, Horizon Chase MOD APK is accessible on the Google Play application. He supports many different devices, so waiting longer is unnecessary so that everyone can download the game is unnecessary. Thus, let’s begin immediately after reading the write-up below and downloading the game!

About Horizon Chase MOD APK

App Name Horizon Chase MOD APK
Publisher APK BUSTER
Size 327M
Latest Version 2.5.2
Root Required No
Installs 10,000,000+ downloads
Required 4.4 and up
MOD Free
Genre Racing
Developer Aquiris Game Studio S.A
Update 1 day ago
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Do you love racing off-road, mastering high-speed racing on passenger cars, and owning expensive sports cars? Today we present you with Horizon Chase, a fascinating racing game called Die-Strecke Welten that surpasses all limits. Horizon Chase promises to bring you the most realistic and lifelike gaming experience with practical physical elements.


Horizon Chase is a unique racing game supplied by the famous Aquiris Game Studio S.A.Today when racing games have become popular and boast many different innovative functions, the Horizon Chase game was created as a new breeze, giving players tons of exciting game experiences. The Horizon Chase game will take players back to their childhood era.

The game Horizon Chase has been updated and improved further, and since that time, it has gathered over one million installs and downloads and has been lauded for its high quality and impressive feedback. And now, let s sharpen our knowledge of the gameplay in Horizon Chase to find out what is appealing and enjoyable.

Horizon Chase MOD APK Features

Game features.

  1. Join in the Horizon Chase game; players have the opportunity to experience the most realistic and dramatic racing tracks.
  2. The sound system and graphics in the game are great.
  3. The player has the opportunity to set up and create a car race according to their own rules.
  4. The supercars in the Horizon Chase game are classy, ​​sophisticated, and diverse with models and colors, and they upgrade and customize the car after each level.
  5. Many game modes for players to choose from.
  6. Extremely cool realistic acceleration feature.
  7. Game operation and control are not too complicated, intuitive, and easy to understand.
  8. The game designs and installs every situation according to realistic and accurate physics, giving players the feeling of driving a car in real life.
  9. Simple and compact configuration, compatible with many models.
  10. The player has the opportunity to make friends, participate in challenges and challenge other players around the world, and compete for rankings to become the best player to win the Championship Cup.
  11. The Horizon Chase game is suitable for children from 3 years old and up; players should consider it carefully when participating in the game!

It is the perfect time for you now to make a vital decision. If you are not afraid, ensure immediate access to the Google Play store, download the Horizon Chase game, and apply to be a professional motorist. Battle all types of rivals, no matter which terrain your competitors drive on, to clear all races in the game, visit the leaderboards, enjoy the speed and the super high-end vehicles offered, and consistently rate highly for this expertly designed family-friendly game! Invite more friends and place it with five stars for Horizon Chase!

Hopefully, Horizon Chase Flight 117 will bring players new, exciting, and exciting gaming experiences and have moments of really comfortable and excellent rest when being part of the Horizon Chase flight 117. We predict that the future Horizon Chase game in the coming years will be able to include many exciting features, more numerous and advantageous to most players’ experience of playing the game.

Graphics – Sound.

The Horizon Chase video game has 3D Low-Poly graphics, which create realistic and beautiful cars, each level of the game, a gamer’s location, and the weather. The Horizon Chase game’s linear sequencing is energetic and exciting, with beautiful and high-quality music, making the races exciting for all gamers.

Horizon Chase MOD APK

Task – Rule.

The Horizon Chase is the most standard high-speed racing video game, bringing back players to the 80s and 90s on race tracks stretching out to the horizon and a supercar system with classic 32-bit graphics. The roads covered in green forest foliage will take players at high speeds, visual effects are not excessively high, but the game is sufficiently convincing. The game focuses mainly on speed rather than physical attributes or your vehicle’s external appearance.

By your personality, the Horizon Chase game focuses on controlling your car and evading collisions with other vehicles, overcoming challenges and completing missions, and car upgrading. Aside from the physical challenge presented by the competition and the various members of your racing team, you also have to carry out other activities during the race to be successful. These include collecting tokens and fuel, prizes, and other coins indicating how much power or far you’ve gone in the race. Different symbols will display on racing tracks as you proceed, blue for the token and red for the fuel.

Collect as many as possible because they will be needed as ingredients for the next level. Controlling and manipulating the Horizon Chase game is not difficult. Like auto racing games, the control system contains the buttons to turn left and right, a turbo button and an accelerator button, and a brake button for performing sharp cornering that must depend on the centrifugal force or radial force of the car.

This increases the skill necessary for experienced riders to navigate the track. On the left side of the screen, there is a miniature map that enables players to navigate the entire route and their current position and destination. Also, the classic game Horizon Chase is an arcade travel game, so the physics and vehicle mechanics are not enhanced or updated as other modern racing games. However, even simple indicators of impact, such as collisions with other vehicles or objects, may still have a discernible effect on players’ cars.

In the Horizon Chase game, they can upgrade vehicles and many different equipment or components by completing each race to reach the finish line first and unlock new sports cars with enhanced speeds and more extraordinary car performance. In addition to the Horizon Chase game system, players can try out a variety of racing vehicles with many styles and colors and engage in some extreme racing. Competing with other racers also makes athletes susceptible to the obstacles placed in each race.

The weather is a significant factor in influencing your steering wheel’s quality, and you may experience changing weather conditions both day and night while playing; racing in the distance on a highway in the Arizona desert with the blazing sun for a short time, suddenly turning to rain; overwhelm dampness will make its surface slippery, white snow or rain, tornadoes, volcanic ash can cover large stretches of space, making it hard for the player to see. A mechanic in Horizon Chase can use an energy tank to accelerate the car for a short time. Motor vehicles are increasingly popular worldwide, and a speed increase is directly proportional to the rise in speed.

By identifying the technology corresponding to the fuel tank, the player has less difficulty handling the racing car. Moreover, understanding how to use the fuel in the tank can also help the driver own higher track speeds. Horizon Chase currently has more than 73 levels, dramatic races, and 40 different cities and environments, and these numbers haven’t yet abated. In addition, several cups are on the default way waiting for gifted drivers to compete against each other.

Player Reviews

Player Reviews

Luca Rescigno:

Good game but good lord it’s difficult. This is basically Top Gear from the SNES. It’s all about dodging other cars as you pass them. Not bad except some of the events are so difficult you have to be perfect to pass them. Hit one car or road sign and you slow down a ton, and you may never recover. But I do like that it’s a simple no-nonsense game. Pay one time to unlock the full game and that’s it. No microtransactions.

Michel Parker:

Horizon Chase is by far the best mobile platform racing game I have ever played… This game not only meets and keeps the standards of a good racing game, it also has a bit of an arcade cabinet quality to it (which I greatly appreciate). And I absolutely love the abstract graphics that are put into everything. Like even the water is abstract! In closing, I would like to say: Great work everyone. Y’all never quit being yourselves. Go team!!

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