Fatally Missing Registry Entries Minecraft (Fixed)

When connecting to a Minecraft server with mods, you’ve probably encountered the “Fatally Missing Registry Entries” error message if you’ve been playing for a while.

This error typically means that your Minecraft configuration files are incorrect, and in most cases, it can be resolved by simply copying functioning configuration files from a friend.

This article will explain the meaning of the error “Fatally Missing Registry Entries” and how to resolve it. We’ll also offer some advice on how to avoid making the same mistake again in the future.

Why Do I Get The Fatally Missing Registry Entries Error?

The most evident cause of this problem is maybe a mismatch in your server and client modpack configuration files.

When attempting to connect to the server, a minor configuration file dispute will result in the message “Fatally missing registry entries.”
You must ensure that the config files and mods are the same on both the server and client sides.

These mod files are in the “%appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/config” folder on the client (the computer you use to connect to the server).

A quick tip: Put “%appdata%” into the Windows search box to find this location quickly.

How To Fix Fatally Missing Registry Entries

Fatally Missing Registry Entries Minecraft

The best way to fix this is to copy the configuration files from someone you know who can connect to the game properly, like a friend you used to play with.

Never download these files from a stranger because they might contain malware. If you have no other option, upload them to virustotal and see if it is picked up.

Replace your current configuration folder with the new folder and files you received after making a backup (just in case).

This should probably work because you now have the configuration files from a verified functioning client.

Fatally Missing Blocks And Items

The “Fatally missing blocks and items” error can occasionally appear when connecting to the Minecraft server.

Similar to the “Fatally missing registry entries” error, this error happens when your configuration files do not precisely match the servers.

There are two solutions to this Minecraft problem.

The approach we used to correct this error earlier is something you can try as well. Replace the configuration files in your configuration folder with those from a PC where the game runs.

If it doesn’t, though, that suggests a different root cause. The OS language bug is the other cause of this error.

The solution is as follows:

How To Fix Fatally Missing Blocks And Items Error

There may be issues with the Minecraft server identifying certain characters in your OS character set.

  1. Try this if your computer is operating in a language other than English-US:
  2. On your computer, run the Minecraft client.
  3. The installations tab can be selected. You will be shown the available variants.
  4. Next to the version you want, click the options button (three dots on the right side).
  5. Edit can be found in the menu. You will be directed to the Edit installation screen by doing this.
  6. In the lower right corner, select More choices. Now, two text boxes representing Java Executable and JVM arguments are visible.
  7. JVM Arguments should include the line below at the end. (Copy and paste the text into the box.)
-Duser.language = en -Duser.country = US

Click “Save” in the bottom right corner to save the changes.

Don’t alter any additional parameters that are already in the text box. Doing this will make English-US the launcher’s default language on the server.

The Minecraft server should launch without the “Fatally Missing Blocks and Items” error once completed.

Bottom Line

It can be very aggravating to encounter these “fatally missing” mistakes, especially if you don’t know how to correct them.

You’ll be playing Minecraft once more in a matter of minutes if you follow the instructions in this post! I hope this article was helpful to you in resolving these nagging Minecraft issues.

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