DirectX 12 Games Crashing [FIXED]

You’re not the only one that has crashes with Directx 12 games. These crashes frequently happen these days despite having a modern build.

Other players have brought up the same issue, which can aggravate.

In this article, I’ll cover the causes of DirectX 12 game crashes, how to resolve them, and precautions you may

How I Resolved Directx 12 Games Crashing

My PC would crash and restart after about an hour of playing Battlefield 2042, which is when I first became aware of this. But after that crash, I could keep playing for a while.

A bluescreen crash can sometimes follow the reboot, but a black screen crash can also follow it.

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I also observed that some games, such as Warhammer 2, could be played for hours without crashing and with the feeling that Hell had erupted.

At that point, I started tracking which games crashed and which didn’t. Only DX12 games crashed after an hour of play, according to my testing. whereas Dx11 games were capable of being played for days on end.

I started looking into my problem. It was the most recent change, and none of the crashes would happen with 2060 in the same games, so I was leaning on my card.

  • My graphics driver was reinstalled, but it did not help.
  • Reset my Card – The problem continues.
  • Use two distinct 8-pin cables to avoid the problem.
  • I cleaned, removed all of my drivers, and then reinstalled them. – problem persisted (this included a more recent AMD chipset driver that wasn’t available on my motherboard’s website).
  • My motherboard’s PBO was disabled, and the problem persisted.
  • Finally, I turned off XMP on my memory, and there were no crashes.

How To Stop Directx 12 Games Crashing

My experience with games using DirectX 12 led me to the above troubleshooting steps. This might not always be the case for you, though.

As a result, I compiled a list of additional solutions that, if the ones above don’t work for you, should.

Update Your Drivers

Have you updated all of your drivers? If so, are your Nvidia settings set to “High-Performance Nvidia Driver” for the selected device?

Select Gaming under Windows 10 Settings to discover it. Game mode should be enabled (unless it has previously created issues), then select Graphics settings.

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If your games aren’t listed, click Browse to find their installation folder. Then, your game ought to show up.

Select the game next, then choose Options, and finally, High performance. This helped me solve this issue, and I hope it does the same for you.

It sometimes tries to save power when it says to let Windows decide, which is really aggravating. Please keep me informed of any developments.

Changing Resolution

DirectX 12 Games Crashing

When you play the game at higher resolutions, a crash usually happens. This answer is very appropriate for Battlefield 2042. It might, however, work if you try it for any direct 12-game.

  • Start by selecting Windows and then looking for your documents.
  • Go to the PROPSAVE profile in the Battlefield 2042 settings after that.
  • This file should be opened in a notepad. To launch the locate window in Notepad, select Edit from the options menu and click Find.
  • Enter “dx12” and press “Find Next.”
  • Change the file’s resolution to something lower after that, then click Save.

I’m done now! Go to the game now, alter the resolution as desired, and try playing. The game will run smoothly, I’m confident.

Lower The Graphics Effects

DirectX 12 Games Crashing

This advice came from one of my coworkers. He had the following to say about it:

“I’ve been attempting to play the game and found that it no longer crashes for me when I run it on performance mode. The artifacting Christmas lights had also disappeared, so I reasoned that the effects or post-processing had gone awry, and the drivers had crashed.

After that, I adjusted post-processing and effects to medium and restarted the game in DX12. And there have been no collisions. Since the graphics effect is set to medium, I assume that that is the cause of the driver crash.

Try it out; you won’t likely lose much quality.

Switch To DX 11

My other friend resolved the problem by lowering his DirectX version. What he had to say about it was as follows:

“A week ago, I experienced the same issue. The game crashed after 2 to 10 minutes, and I checked all of my drivers and peripherals, but nothing worked. A persistent error message advised switching to DirectX 11 if it happened again because DirectX 12 had crashed.

Downgrade Windows

You could also try downgrading your operating system to Windows 10 and see if the game would run smoothly without the annoying crash.

I discovered that some folks have fully ceased the crashes. The problem is connected to Windows 11, possibly because of problems with UE5 and W11.

Final Thoughts

There are several potential causes of DirectX 12 game crashes. Your drivers are not updated to the most recent version, which is one of the primary reasons for the problem. Try each of the options I listed one at a time if your games keep crashing.

You may be able to remedy the problem, even if I cannot guarantee the answers will address your problem.

Please let me know in the comments if any of these fixes were able to resolve your problem.

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