Can Mobs Spawn On Trapdoors In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, trapdoors are a great way to keep monsters out of your house, but can monsters spawn on top of them as well?

It turns out that in the most recent version of Minecraft, mobs cannot spawn on trapdoors. However, regardless of whether the trapdoor is open or closed, people will still attempt to enter it because mobs will perceive it as such.

I’ll explain why mobs can spawn on trap doors in this post and which trapdoors they can spawn on and under in earlier and other versions of Minecraft.

Additionally, I’ll discuss how to increase the effectiveness of trapdoors against mobs if you are using a different version of the game and show you how to create a mob farm using trapdoor.

Can Mobs Spawn On Trapdoors?

Can Mobs Spawn On Trapdoors

Because a trapdoor is a non-opaque block and hostile mobs cannot spawn on non-opaque blocks, hostile mobs (including iron, wooden, open, and closed trapdoors) cannot spawn on top of them in the most recent version of Minecraft.

However, in earlier versions and bedrock editions, mobs can spawn on closed iron, warped, crimson, and CLOSED trapdoors.

Because trapdoors used to act as solid blocks when closed, some things, such as mobs, may be put on top of or below them. Trapdoors, however, work when they are opened as a non-solid block, rendering the area around them unsuitable for placement.

On the other hand, due to their smaller character boxes than other mobs, smaller mobs like creepers and spiders can still spawn UNDER trapdoors if placed more than two blocks off the ground.

How To Make Trapdoors More Effective Against Mobs?

Can Mobs Spawn On Trapdoors

Therefore, we now know that while mobs cannot spawn on top of trapdoors, they can spawn beneath them. How can we strengthen the trapdoors’ defenses?

The trapdoor should be placed at least two blocks away from any source of light. A trapdoor too close to a light source won’t work because mobs only appear in shadowy areas.

Second, check that the trapdoor is constructed of sturdy blocks. A trapdoor with slabs or fences won’t function because mobs can’t spawn through gaps.

Make sure the trapdoor is at least two blocks high, and that’s all. This will stop any monsters from spawning right underneath the trapdoor.

If you bear these things in mind, your Minecraft trapdoor will be sure to keep mobs out of your house.

Let’s create a mob farm using these trapdoors if you prefer to be on offense rather than defense.

How To Make A Creeper Mob Farm Using Trapdoors

You can make a mob creeper farm by placing a spawning platform in an ocean to improve spawning rates.

A two-block wall with trapdoors in the roof should be constructed. At one end of the property, place cats on boats to scare the creepers away.

Doing so will send them to the opposite end, where a water stream will take them to a death mechanism that might be either manual or involve magma blocks or campfires.

Another strategy for enticing the creepers to move toward a killing zone is to place a snow golem at one end. To prevent the creepers from blowing up and killing the snow golems, all creepers must be at least three blocks away from them.

A snow golem is the only monster that players may create that naturally hunts creepers.

You may be wondering how you can guarantee that only creepers will spawn at this point. Here is a simple illustration of how this works:

The height is decreased to 1 1316 blocks when trap doors are set on a ceiling two blocks high. This is long enough to keep out other monsters like zombies and skeletons while being tall and sufficient for mob creepers to spawn.

This approach might not be practical in Bedrock Edition, though. Instead, try this:

Don’t forget that some creeper farms may also produce spiders. By removing 33 agricultural plots, this can be easily avoided.


Mobs no longer spawn on trapdoors if you use Minecraft’s most recent official version! Groups cannot generate on top of either open or closed trapdoors since they function as non-opaque blocks.

Trapdoors, however, behave like solid blocks when opened if you are using a different version of the game, and creatures can spawn on them just like they do on any other type of block. Keep your trapdoors open if you don’t want mobs to generate inside your house, though!

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