Bomber Friends MOD APK 4.59 (MOD, Skins Unlocked)

Stand out from the crowd as you participate in large-scale destruction wars with your Bomber Friends MOD APK. Your bomb will get you up against landmarks, making you an excellent escape for those with no cover. Simply decide on a safe spot to stay out of harm’s way.

About Bomber Friends MOD APK

App Name Bomber Friends MOD APK
Publisher APK BUSTER
Size 108 MB
Latest Version 4.59
Root Required No
Installs 50,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Arcade
Developer Hyperkani
Update 1 day ago
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Join pleasurable single-player challenges, compete against other players in multiplayer battles, or bring the joy of online gaming to other players through committed, challenging single-player quests. Collect buff substances during the combat to boost your characters and boost your odds of winning.

Please go through the fantastic reviews of this fascinating game from Hyperkani with us.


The gamers will always be able to find themselves participating in frenzied fight battles against their friends and other gamers all over the world. Dive into never-ending, mesmerizing, exhilarating activities as you try to stop and capture them with your bomb units. Eliminate all of the players to win the game.

Collect some buffs as you play the action to increase your bombing strength, obtaining far more bombs, faster explosions, and more excellent damage range. Don’t believe that the game has ended after you have been killed. Instead, you may even affect the match by haunting other gamers, especially those who played you, causing certain debuffs on your characters. This leads to the game. Bomber Friends capitalizes on its wide variety of game modes, allowing players to express themselves through single-player and multiplayer challenges.

Bomber Friends MOD APK Features

Play the featured game and discover all the features it has to offer.

Take on a series of challenges in the Online Arenas

If you want to take your online gameplay to an entirely new level and test your skills with the best players of Bomber Friends, you can always pick up your subscription accounts in the Online Arenas. Feel free to take on the most challenging opponents, beat them, and win to earn rewards.

Play with friends and online gamers from all over the world

Random multiplayer bomb battles with friends and other gamers let you take on players from all over the planet in Bomber Friends. Protect yourself from competition from tense bomb challenges against eight different rivals. Win the confrontation and collect multiple rewards.

Enjoy blasting off your enemies with different bombs.

You can blow the bad guys to smithereens if you choose and then partake of different kinds of bombs with varying effects that players of Bomber Friends have at their disposal. Feel free to enjoy blowing up enemies in any way possible once you have the optional BOMB personalities with different blasts. Hold them tight or complete them off; you are free to select whatever you do with your victims.

Collect your battle deck for a more immersive experience

You’ll even have an opportunity to come up with a personalized battle deck to suit your unique playstyle throughout the matches. With this possibility readily available, it’s straightforward for you to compete in a limited selection of maps with assorted elements. Feel free to combine your battle deck with many available choices.

Feel free to customize your characters for a more comfortable bombing experience

As part of the additional customizations offered, you can quickly obtain a new and different unique hat and put on a suit or change of clothing. In addition, you may even modify your appearance and expression while playing with various accessories, and other than by reading, you’re also able to alter your reactions and reactions.

Obtain multiple powerups and stay away from curses in the game

In the new Bomber game available for Android devices, packages don’t include knights, as in the original. Still, instead, they will grant you power-ups such as letting you increase your speed so you can walk faster, unleashing more powerful bomb blasts, finding a shield to protect yourself from enemy explosions, and more. Don’t mistake them for these positive effects; try to avoid the offenders’ names. Having a number of the impact, a curse can be a distinguishing feature for your character, causing it to become unable to move, run slower, take longer to set off an explosive device and go partway through its average movement speed.

Dive into the endless bomber experiences on your mobile devices

You may also immediately bring your play along to gamers by loading the simplistic and easy early levels. Later, as you progress through the game, you will undoubtedly play a growing number of challenging levels. Take on much more as you pass over six different thrilling environments. Go over 300 stations and what you’re doing with 300 different stages.

Enjoy the classic Bomber gameplay.

While the Bomber gameplay on mobile devices is fun to play, Android players will be pleasantly surprised by the authentic and cherished handheld gameplay. With the convenient touch controls optimized for your mobile devices, the game gives an enjoyable means to show off the original Bomber design. Feel free to navigate your character by tapping in the direction on the screen.

Bomber Friends MOD APK

Enjoy free skins with our mod.

In contrast to the standard version of this game, some of our Bomber Friends Mod players choose to dress their characters to explore various customizations of the essence. You can download the modified version of the Bomber Friends mod on our website and install it on your device.

Free to play

Armed with all the great and challenging features that the game offers, you can still have it installed on your mobile device for free. Just download it from the Google Play Store; there’s no cost involved.

Enjoy the console-like experiences on your mobile devices.

Any fanatics could also play this video game on an Android device, bringing additional immersion to the game’s staging. Feel free to shoot your friends on your mobile device while you’re chilling out together for a change. You may even take advantage of the controller assistance features for up to 8 different players in a single bash, which is an enormous advantage.

Link to your Google Play Service accounts for additional content.

Furthermore, you can also link the game to your Google Play Service account for unlockable content. To get started, you will have access to the game’s online progress, which you choose to obtain special rewards. Moreover, by connecting the game to your Google Play Account, you will also allow online saves, enabling you to sync your progress in the competition automatically.

Collect medals and increase your ranks

As you achieve in the Online Arenas, you’ll collect more medals, allowing you to compete with those with greater ranks. Alternate ranking to locate yourself in battles with more powerful and formidable foes and enhance your skills in the necessary sequence.


Significant sound effects and highly responsive visuals will draw players in Bomber Friends to the fantastic and frantic experience of socializing with other fascinated players for hours. Get caught up in the fast-paced game fun, staying on board for hours.


The game’s nice cartoony graphics introduce you to the environment you’re a part of, and more straightforward controls put you and your friends into play. At the same time, you can mention the game with your friends and relatives. For that reason, the game’s multiple modes and depth make it a one-of-a-kind experience that people praise a great deal.

Player Reviews

Player Reviews

A Google user:

This game is awesome this is my second favorite game in the whole entire world you could customize your avatar bombs play against friends and others online. The controls are easy if the joystick is not for you you could go into the settings and change it anyways, sending it and change anything like your username how do you set up things when you’re playing. I just want to say you should make more games like this this game is the bomb you should really play it thank you for making this 💣💣💣

Switchy Mint:

I’ve been playing this game for a while now, and came back to it and it’s still great! However I felt the need to address this situation other people are also experiencing, which is this black screen that’s supposed to be an ad of some sorts. It doesn’t seem to load and it can’t be skipped for whatever reason. I’m alright with ads, however this has affected my gameplay and I have to quit the game every time for the black screen to disappear. I hope you can overlook and fix this, thank you!

Final Thoughts

Challenge your friends, online players, and even yourself in the bomb challenges recreation. Engage in the Bomber recreation on your mobile devices for a couple of minutes for enjoyable online multiplayer gaming that is fast-paced and addictive. Plus, our modified Bomber game allows you to create your outfits for all the characters so you can feel any way you want while playing.

If you are considering this kind of game and are curious about checking out another great challenge, then BombSquad is undoubtedly an excellent bombing game you will enjoy.

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